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The Union Of Thoughts and Emotions

It is made clear the union between your thoughts and emotions produces the fruits which you experience in your reality. Knowing this is one thing but actually having the awareness and ability to focus in your life is a whole different story. We all know positive thinking and having the right attitude will in fact help you create the life you do want. People get stuck in the actually doing it though. Why is that? Because, we forget, especially because we bring it outside of awareness. It goes from ear out to the other ear. People put things past them… Read More »The Union Of Thoughts and Emotions
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Dark Times and Heavy Backpack

Emotions run out of control because we tend to hold on too much and then wonder why we are unstable. If you don’t correct the past the past will ruin your present, which, will ruin your future(which is the future present). I once had a buddy of mine who was carrying too much in this backpack. The backpack contained small objects that weighted tons! The only thing is because he forgot he placed them there he forgot to realize why the backpack was so heavy. Same thing with our emotions, if you don’t learn to manage and purge it out… Read More »Dark Times and Heavy Backpack
Women are manipulative(just accept it) - Davinci Neptune

Women are manipulative(just accept it)

Women are very clever and most women are very sneaky and manipulative. Many women test women with their childish games,  but, once you set a boundary, and call them out on their psychological games, they switch over to victim mentality. Women know they have men wrapped around on their finger tips and can generally get away with whatever they want because they are women. This is not something that most say directly, but, is in fact something they know since childhood. By just being a girl people are more nice to you. The double standard with women is unreal, unfair,… Read More »Women are manipulative(just accept it)

The Gorilla and The Doctor

There is this friend I know who is going to the doctor lately getting regular check up. Making sure there is nothing with them or something like that. Because, they recently caught the cold they decided it was not a big deal, but went to check go get it out anyway. One thing that sometimes keeps us stuck is sometimes not getting the proper help and nourishment when we need it. Our minds are often afraid of making changes inside it’s limitation. But, please consider to go get that checked out. I mean, make sure you are thinking straight by… Read More »The Gorilla and The Doctor
Is Anger good or bad?

Anger : The Misunderstood Emotion

Hello friends, Chances are you were once so angry you didn’t even know what to do. It started off as something small, then you held it in. One by one your buttons started to get pushed and boom! You exploded. Were you wrong or right?  Anger is normal, expected in fact. The issue comes when we the earth being triggered by every little event and blowing up at every single person. Or not knowing what to do with that build up anger. Or in the rare case, feeling ashamed of your emotion(anger in this case). Anger is an emotion. Like many other… Read More »Anger : The Misunderstood Emotion