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Prosperity life hacks - Davinci Neptune

Become Your True Self

You can do anything so long as the place it’s coming from is authentic, noble, pure, beautiful, expressive of your true self, love, etc. Any action done out of spite, or any sort of negativity will more often than not will attract haters, flamers, drama, more negativity. Even the people that respond will to the negativity only amplify the negativity which are not really the type of people you want to attract anyways. People confuse cause-effect all the time. Some people think I am promoting be positive or be a care bear. Love and light. Yes, and no. What I… Read More »Become Your True Self
Prosperity life hacks - Davinci Neptune

Why Following Your Joy Doesn’t Always Work

Like it or not friends, life has different plans for us sometimes. Mom and dad wants you to do something. Your girlfriend wants you to do something else. And, if you do anything, but what you don’t want to do, everyone hates you for it. Very confusing right because do you follow your joy or not? Do you let other people tell you what to do or not? It depends…Ideally, you use your own internal to guide you in the right direction or what is known as intuition. Your intuition is the most important faculty known to man and it… Read More »Why Following Your Joy Doesn’t Always Work