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Do You Really Make Your Own Decisions? – Davinci Neptune

Humans fool themselves in thinking they are in charge of their lives more than they think they are. Our natural instincts and biology is designed for survival and replication. Our own DNA contains instincts which determines a lot of our feelings and our decision making. Imagine 100 monkeys living in the jungle, the ones who are poor hunters would get least of the meat, possible death, and less of the sex. The best hunters, would get more meat, survival, and more sex. Which would then lead to more of their DNA being passed down to their offspring. Which, will contain… Read More »Do You Really Make Your Own Decisions? – Davinci Neptune
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Never Change For A Women – Davinci Neptune

Most women have ideas of what they think they want. They have a giant laundry list of what they actually believe they want. Attraction is not about what she says she wants, RAW attraction, is about mating. It has nothing to do with what she thinks or says she wants. It is simply mate-ability. You turn her on and she would mate with you. Normally women have ideas think they want in a man – things they say they want. Then they find a man who has those qualities and stuff on the list, but she is not attracted. Why… Read More »Never Change For A Women – Davinci Neptune
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Take Control Of Your Ego | Davinci Neptune

Most people are normal…and not trying to compete or beat us in the game of life… Ego, is the drive to be the best and better than the rest. Nothing wrong with this per se, but, when out of control, can be very primitive. Leverage your ego, but don’t it control you. You want to make friends, with it, but not in a way where it is ruling you. Life is about contributing, and helping other people. The leader is the one who is helping others. Everyone has the desire to be the leader. Being the leader gets you most… Read More »Take Control Of Your Ego | Davinci Neptune

Capture The Hearts of All Women!

Many of us start out in the world lost and confused afraid of the world. Though despite this fear we so loved the world, but, sometimes our parents are really the best of parents even though they mean. They make plenty of mistakes along the way. Unfortunately, as you are growing up these mistakes stay buried inside your heart and soul. When you walk out in the world you can hear the ghost of the past holding you in place. But you have no real idea why. A part of you want to move forward and a part of you… Read More »Capture The Hearts of All Women!
How To Become An Alpha Male | Gerardo Morillo |

How To Become An Alpha Male

In this article, you will learn tips and strategies on How To Become An Alpha Male. Much conversations speak about becoming an alpha male because everyone wants to understand how to gain more power, sex, and how to get more out of life. While much talk out there is a great foundation for how to become an alpha male there are some key missing pieces to the puzzle and here we will go over great tips for you to unleash your inner alpha.
Satan Tempts Jesus

The Ego Battle

In this article, Gerardo Morillo owner of share with you the ego battle. Jesus Vs. Satan. Hope you enjoy! Rule #1 Humans Are Animals I don’t mean this metaphorically, I mean this literally, animals. We are talking monkeys. 90% or more of our DNA is based upon monkeys and also a collection of our ancestors DNA.  Say Hello Brother! When you were a baby you were pure and enjoy life for what it was. Something to be enjoy and a fun experience. You walked the world with a curious and eager desire to learn the world. This is your… Read More »The Ego Battle