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Don’t Tell People Your Business

Part of socializing is we talk about stuff, which entails pieces of who we are and what we do. People judge us based on who they think we are and what we project onto them. They are gaining information on who we are based on what we wear, say, do, etc. Unfortunately, telling the wrong people your business will caused them to gossip or say negative things about you behind you or behind your back. With toxic people you really shouldn’t be exposing yourself much to them at all, but, if you do, be sure to keep the info you… Read More »Don’t Tell People Your Business
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Take A Chance Or Suffer Your Fate

Winners are those who are driven for success despite the overbearing challenge that is front of them. By trying something new each day you collect more and data that improves your intuition. Your mind will be refined with a better chance of knowing what to do for the next time. Many people take failures and mistakes personally. And it is rather hard not to because the ego craves for validation. And anything that signals a defeat, loss, mistake, etc. is a threat to the sense of self. We begin to view ourselves as a failure. But, in order to succeed… Read More »Take A Chance Or Suffer Your Fate
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How To Reprogram Subconscious Mind For Success – Davinci Neptune

How To Reprogram Subconscious Mind For Success – Davinci Neptune   Danger! Is your subconscious mind working for you or against you? Davinci Neptune explains to you in this video how to take back control of your mind and get the success you know you deserve. People put their dreams on hold because their subconscious is coming up with all sorts of reasons to keep things the same. And while these things sound like logical truth, I can reassure you they are just excuses. When you take your mind back in control you will be cruising through life on autopilot… Read More »How To Reprogram Subconscious Mind For Success – Davinci Neptune
How To Let Go of Control - Gerardo Morillo - prosperitylifehacks

How To Give Up Control and Let Life Flow Naturally

People often think you must know the answer to everything of life in every single second of the way. But, no matter how smart you get knowing all the answers to life and knowing how to respond to everything in life is nearly impossible. You are better off learning how to flow like water and accepting all the different parts of life. The up and down. Learn to roll with the different polarity of life. Life is hot and cold and it is like a gradient in between. One thing that gets us in trouble is thinking we need to… Read More »How To Give Up Control and Let Life Flow Naturally
How to cold read- Gerardo Morillo

Basic Tools You Will Need To Learn Cold Reading

Hello welcome, relax you are in the right place.I know you are here to know more about yourself and understand what you don’t know. You are here to to learn the secrets of cold reading. In the next few minutes, you will gain very powerful reading abilities which will enhance the quality of your relationships. These skills can be used in very interesting ways. When done properly it will give you very powerful skills in your love life and help you have a lot of fun too. You two that have come here are beautiful souls and I would like… Read More »Basic Tools You Will Need To Learn Cold Reading

How To Predict The Future

I’ve seen your future. Trust me, I can predict your timeline, the story you will experience. But If I tell you the future, it may cause a chain reaction that changes the one of the foreseen into another future.   I guess you can say there are millions of future you can have at any given moment.   Once, I met this wise spiritual angel, I spoke to him because I was curious he had a psychic shop of his own. For a man that could predict the future, you would think he would be rich or something.   He… Read More »How To Predict The Future