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You Are Above The 99% If You Are Spiritual

Most people are concerned with social status. Most people are concerned with the opinions and approval of other people. In a day in age where getting other people to like leads to a better quality of lifestyle of course the opinions and approvals of people matter. Although, it shouldn’t control your life and you shouldn’t let it rule your life. It’s something to take note of, but do not let the thoughts and opinions of other people create stress for yourself. Now, the great news if you are spiritual, you are already above 99% of other people on the planet.… Read More »You Are Above The 99% If You Are Spiritual
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Brilliant Secrets On How TO Awaken Your Kundalini (collections)

Today’s article is a collection of tips and strategies on How To Awaken Kundalini I’ve gained over the week. Over the week I’ve had a burst of spiritual insight. By far the best last few weeks I’ve had spiritually. I am talking astral projections, lucid dreaming, kundalini dances, flying UFOs, Egyptian pyramids, discovering the pillars of reality, and much more. To say I have experienced everything I ever wanted to experience in the last few weeks is underestimate. Below is a quick summary of the insights I’ve gained during my spiritual adventures. These insights will be brief and to the… Read More »Brilliant Secrets On How TO Awaken Your Kundalini (collections)
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Ancient Magic Power

God has just revealed to me a very powerful truth about you. Yes, I see it… In the past, you were a king. A powerful king. Everyone loved you and everyone worshipped you. Maybe you were an ancient king during the Egyptian time period. Egypt was a very interesting time period. Rumors have it Egyptians were in contact with an “alien race” far beyond their time period and is why they were so technological advance(and more advanced in every other way too). In fact, another rumor, magic originates from Africa, or what we consider the “black people.” Pretty interesting, because the… Read More »Ancient Magic Power
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How To Survive As A Spiritual Being Living In The Programmed World…(must watch)

  Quick Summary: In this episode, we go over how to survive as a spiritual being living in the programmed world. Some technical difficulties, but none the less, watchable, enjoy. 1. Spend Time With God 2. Get Away From The Programmed World Get a business, a lifestyle blog, become a coach, anything at all to escape the 9-5 or programmed reality. 3. Upgrade Your Body I just made a video on my other channel on a starting stack for spiritual people who want a “natural” stack to boost their overall happiness and performances in all areas. This stack is purely… Read More »How To Survive As A Spiritual Being Living In The Programmed World…(must watch)
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Restart The Planet With New “Alphas”

 How To Be A True King A friendly toast for those of you who made it this far in your spiritual development. What is an Alpha? Alphas are meant to be representation of God. People who are alpha radiate high quality traits and known as “alpha.” On one level alpha pertains to those individual who are at top of the food chain. However, this can be a bit primitive. Being a spiritual alpha is an even greater alpha. It entails you fully understand life and all it’s mysteries. Everyone wants to learn from someone who is a spiritual alpha. They have much… Read More »Restart The Planet With New “Alphas”