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Why The Law of Attraction Is One Of The Biggest Scams - Davinci Neptune

Why The Law of Attraction Is One Of The Biggest Scams

The law of attraction states you can create your reality by controlling your thoughts and emotions. What you believe will manifest. So far so good! So what’s the problem? When people read the law of attraction and how positive thinking and all they have to do is think, think, think and everything they want will fall on their laps. This is a very dangerous position to put yourself in because you will waste a lot of time thinking and waiting for something to happen. The main point of the law of attraction is to create what it is you want… Read More »Why The Law of Attraction Is One Of The Biggest Scams
What hypnosis is NOT - Davinci Neptune

What Hypnosis Is NOT?

As a certified hypnotist I see many people interested in the skill of hypnosis for all types of reasons(some good and some bad). In this article, I will be clarifying what hypnosis is and what it isn’t because there are plenty of misconceptions about what hypnosis is and what it isn’t. Hypnosis is not brainwashing or mind controlling into your mindless slave. This is purely fantasy and made up. Is it possible, to brainwash others? Yes, but, it’s much different than how people expect. People think they can say a bunch of hypnotic words and people will automatically obey and… Read More »What Hypnosis Is NOT?
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How Do You Want To Be Remembered – Davinci Neptune Podcast

In this podcast Davinci Neptune, teaches the importance of being more mindful of your interactions with other people. The way we leave others creates memories inside their minds, and these memories form negative associations with us and negative emotions. Do this enough time and people will be running away from you! Davinci Neptune Recommend Resources Below are resources I recommend, and other self-help resources you can use to help improve your life in any area of your life. These are resources I myself use, and approve of. I only recommend things, I absolutely love, and I know you will love… Read More »How Do You Want To Be Remembered – Davinci Neptune Podcast
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How To Attract A Specific Person?

First up is this even possible? Can you really attract a specific person into your reality? Well, the answer to that question is yes! But, should you?! Attracting a specific person requires a ton of ingredients, time, energy, confidence, and a bit of luck. Because to attract someone specifically it’s about realigning each others’ each other to the others liking. Or, to put simply a vibrational match. In plain English, this mean you morph yourself into what it is THEY want in their lover. You become, what they always fantasize about. Why does this work? Because, by morphing yourself into… Read More »How To Attract A Specific Person?
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How to recover from fatigue

What to do if you have been feeling tired lately? If you have been feeling tired lately, sorry, their won’t be any great answers for you. Health- Do anything to improve your state of health. Eat foods that help you heal, not just food that taste good, food that helps your mind-body-spirit- heal. Which means you have to try different types of foods out when this happens. Exercise- Sometimes, you may have to force your body to shake off the fatigue by being physically active. Rest- Usually, however, getting the proper rest will be better than exercise, but sometimes you… Read More »How to recover from fatigue
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Imagination Is Your Best Friend

Scientist and philosohpers have argued what makes someone intelligent? What is the single thing defines us intelligence? Albert Einstein once said you are nothing without imagination. And that’s because imagination is by far the most powerful tool to manifesting. But, why is that? What does imagination and manifesting have to do with each other? Imagination is the source of creation and desires. Everything that is manifested in the physical world goes through a very precise cooking process in the spiritual realm until The World is complete. The world being you and your desire are now a match. You can think… Read More »Imagination Is Your Best Friend

Mind Persuasion Courses

Manifest Women Slowly augment your behavior on a deep subconscious level to be irresistibly attractive to women so much they approach you wherever you go. Plenty of exercises and mental rehearsal techniques designed to change your subconscious behavior to be magnetically attractive to women. Written guidebook with exercises and 20+ hours of subliminal programming. Alpha Male Seven powerful subliminal programming sessions to build in alpha traits, behaviors and language into your subconscious. Set an intention, turn on the recording and let the subliminal messages do the rest. Listening guide and subliminal sessions. Girlfriend Generator Step by step exercises to start wherever you… Read More »Mind Persuasion Courses
Low Vibration - Gerardo Morillo -

Get Rid of These 5 LOW VIBRATION Mistakes Once and For All

Get Rid of These 5 LOW VIBRATION Mistakes Once and For All Hey what’s up friends this is Gerardo Morillo spiritual King and today talk about what are some low vibration normally I like to talk about the positives for the positives are more important than knowing what are the negatives what do they have figure I will speak to you about what are some of the things that you should be avoiding of. Number One:Gossiping Gossiping is by far one of the most Insidious toxic and low vibration thing that you can do I couldn’t not gossiping is really… Read More »Get Rid of These 5 LOW VIBRATION Mistakes Once and For All
The law of Attraction and How To Attract Love

How To Use The Law of Attraction To Attract Love

Do you want to learn how to use The Law of Attraction For Love? As much as you can deny it, I think we all agree that love has a science of its own. It’s not as simple as just being limited to a four-letter word or an emotion. It is much more than that. It involves complexity of feelings and it’s based on far more than just feelings. It has its foundations running down to trust, faith, honesty, integrity and perhaps, even a little bit of magic. The Law of Attraction is a complex mechanism, of achieving what you… Read More »How To Use The Law of Attraction To Attract Love

How To Use The Law of Attraction To Attract Your Desires

How To Use The Law of Attraction To Attract Your Desires Dear Master, In this article, we will discuss How To Use The Law of Attraction To Attract Your Desires. Whether you are a Law of Attraction Pro, newbie, or any level this article will be quick and to the point to help you manifest your desires effortlessly. Many of us, think the Law of Attraction needs to be difficult or complicated, and yet, it can be made very simple. You must first be honest with your own personal intentions and desires and you will create miracles! Learn how to… Read More »How To Use The Law of Attraction To Attract Your Desires