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What to do if you found the one and the timing is wrong

If you found the “ONE” in your life, but something is wrong, what should you do? If you are 100 percent this person is the best for you on multiple levels, then you shouldn’t give up on this person. Instead, you should just go more slow. Proceed the relationship more slowly. Personally, I’ve met people in my life who I thought “man we would be perfect together” but there was something missing. And, that was the slow relationship building. When two people first meet there are a lot of insecurities, fears, doubts, worries, etc. being projected on both sides. This… Read More »What to do if you found the one and the timing is wrong
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Repair your body parts | Davinci Neptune

Attention:  This is a reminder to all you healthy consciousness and high vibrational people. You have to take great care of your well being and I mean this in every way possible. In this article, I am particularly talking about your physical health. Anywhere in your body is deficient, damaged, or broken creates a lack of prana or lowers the flow of sexual energy. Very important you take great care of all your parts. Be aware, and listen to your body and see if there are areas on your body that needs help. Pain in the body is your body… Read More »Repair your body parts | Davinci Neptune
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Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more

Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more People who are consumed with social status and social hierarchy all want power, authority, leadership, social status in the social game. Because, they are consumed by social status they are naturally connected to everything superficial in the world. Not understanding the social game, is an illusion, something to pass the time and not something to take super seriously.   While hierarchy exist in the human world the same is true in the animal world. But, the issue is not hierarchy per se. The issue is people who are running hierarchy. Can you really trust… Read More »Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more
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How to recover from fatigue

What to do if you have been feeling tired lately? If you have been feeling tired lately, sorry, their won’t be any great answers for you. Health- Do anything to improve your state of health. Eat foods that help you heal, not just food that taste good, food that helps your mind-body-spirit- heal. Which means you have to try different types of foods out when this happens. Exercise- Sometimes, you may have to force your body to shake off the fatigue by being physically active. Rest- Usually, however, getting the proper rest will be better than exercise, but sometimes you… Read More »How to recover from fatigue
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What to do when you found the perfect partner – Davinci Neptune

Once you find the perfect relationship hold on tight because, you never know when you will find another nearly as good. Think of all the fail relationships you have in the past. Keep in mind a perfect relationship doesn’t always have to be perfect in every single way every minute or second of the day. Their will be conflicts, stress, tensions, qurrels in a relationship. But, what matter most is that the relationship is pure love that demonstrates God’s love and beauty. If you are having issues knowing when someone is loving simply listen to your heart, your feelings, emotions,… Read More »What to do when you found the perfect partner – Davinci Neptune
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Davinci Neptune What is Love?

Davinci Neptune What is Love? Davinci Neptune Resources Manifest Shortcuts: Discover The Ancient Secrets of Magic and Create Any Life You Want  Women’s Brain Decoded: How To Put Anyone Under Your Love Spell DOMINATE THE ONLINE BUSINESS GAME: How To Make A Six Figure Online Business Davinci Neptune News Letter – Subscribe to learn how to manifest the life you want on steroids

What Do Women Want?

There are plenty of scams in the dating game industry? Why? There are plenty of insecure men who are not getting their needs met when it comes to the opposite sex. Being a man who is free to express your nature without fear is a very attractive quality in today’s time. Part of the challenge is that we have plenty of misinformation about what makes a man. This is a hot topic that people are trying to understand and needless to say put their opinions. Now obviously there is a difference between facts and opinions. People can only give you… Read More »What Do Women Want?
Are you willing to love again?

Are You Willing to Love Again?

Loving someone can be one of the most difficult challenges you can face because you are challenging all your fears, doubts, insecurities, worries, etc. all at once. You are giving your heart away to someone and trusting they won’t hurt you. True love is the nakedness between two people where they drops the games and express themselves fully while being themselves in a pure and organic way. Most relationships start out with the game testing, frame battle, power battle, and drama early on because the two personalities are on auto-pilot play testing themselves in the new context. The dynamic of… Read More »Are You Willing to Love Again?
Share Your Talents With The World | Gerardo Morillo

Share Your Talents With The World

Dear Friend, Wherever you are today God wants to tell you something. He wants to remind you that you are beautiful and possess many talents. Your positive aura is a great sight and God loves just looking at you because God sees beyond the words. He sees a beautiful soul. Maybe in the past you were afraid to share yourself with the world and that’s okay let’s start to make change now. In the past you may have made a few mistakes you were not proud of. And that’s okay because God loves you and Forgives you anyways. God is very… Read More »Share Your Talents With The World