Will A Relationship Make You Happy - Davinci Neptune

Will A Relationship Make You Happy? – Davinci Neptune

Will A Relationship Make You Happy? There are pros and cons to getting into a relationship. For most, they probably shouldn’t get into a relationship until they are ready. A relationship can be wonderful to explore everything that is you, your very essence, and you can discover who you really are or not in one. But, the wrong relationship or the wrong person can leave you more damaged that it ruins all your future relationships going forward. Some, people never recover from their previous relationships. Truthfully, you can fall in love with anyone on a logical level and make them… Read More »Will A Relationship Make You Happy? – Davinci Neptune
Compassion Is Real Strength - Davinci Neptune - Prosperitylifehacks

Compassion Is Real Strength – Davinci Neptune

In our society we tend to value the flashy or power. Generally, they are very superficial and focus more on looks and appearances which lacks real substance. We tend to forget that love is what makes the world go round. It is because love that we do everything and everything. The reasons we get jobs is because love. Helping our brothers and sisters is no different. While we can label other people action in many different ways it is all love if it is coming from the right place. Our ability to love is very limited in our finite state.… Read More »Compassion Is Real Strength – Davinci Neptune
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Are You Addicted To Negativity?

When people are walking in auto pilot and in a hypnotic state it becomes very hard to be aware of what we naturally gravitate to and why we behave in a certain type of way. One way to get back to a state of zero is to fast and do without all your old ways. Because as you get back to a balance state you can see yourself in a new light. You will begin to notice the difference between the old you and the new you. This is a sort of detox that helps to break negative cycles. The… Read More »Are You Addicted To Negativity?
Do Women Even Love Men? - Davinci Neptune

Do Women Even Love Men?

This post will be pure red pill and not any of the blue pill nonsense. Having said that read on… Women simply love men for what he can DO FOR HER. Unconditional love doesn’t exist for women. They simply want a man to fulfill his duty as a man which is to provide, protect, lead, etc. Usually, what this means is he is bringing home the bacon. This can be shown in the way women date higher and normally don’t date down. Women are more superficial than you can every realize. Again this is pure red pill. Women want a… Read More »Do Women Even Love Men?
Is Love Really The Answer - Davinci Neptune

Is Love Really The Answer?

Ultimately, love is really at the essence of who you are. In our society we are so removed from our soul being. Everything is like junk food. We worship the fast lifestyle and anything that is real and meaningful is not appreciated. This isn’t to say my dear reader that love is the only thing that exist. Everything in our world is manifested as love in a different shade of it. Everyone desires love and how they seek it is the way they are choosing to go about it. We have no choice but to accept it for what it… Read More »Is Love Really The Answer?
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Men Chase Success, Women Chase Men

Many men dream of attracting the perfect women in their lives. Some, give up everything to find the right one. However, this chasing is misplaced. As women are looking for a men who they want to be a part of. Someone that will add value to their lives(whatever that might be). I am sure you probably heard men should get money and then get the girls. I am in agreement, with this saying, because it just makes everything easier. With the right setup everything is easier. She will just kinda fall in place in your life, and the pointless drama,… Read More »Men Chase Success, Women Chase Men
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Can You Trust Women – Davinci Neptune

Can You Trust Women – Davinci Neptune Can you trust women? Find out in this video, whether or not you can trust women. People are naturally selfish, rightfully so, everyone needs to take care of their own needs. But, in order for trust to be created it requires people to open up and commit to their partner who they love. Assuming it is a loving relationship. In order for true love to exist both parties must fully commit to the well being of the other. Trust must is a gradual process, go slow, and build slowly, as you and your… Read More »Can You Trust Women – Davinci Neptune
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How To Attract A Specific Person?

First up is this even possible? Can you really attract a specific person into your reality? Well, the answer to that question is yes! But, should you?! Attracting a specific person requires a ton of ingredients, time, energy, confidence, and a bit of luck. Because to attract someone specifically it’s about realigning each others’ each other to the others liking. Or, to put simply a vibrational match. In plain English, this mean you morph yourself into what it is THEY want in their lover. You become, what they always fantasize about. Why does this work? Because, by morphing yourself into… Read More »How To Attract A Specific Person?
Why Women Try To Strip You Of Your Power

Why Women Try To Strip You Of Your Power

Women will try to strip you of your power especially if she is insecure they will try multiple game playing test to see if you can handle it. They just want to see how you react and what type of guy you are. The more healthy she is as a women the less game playing she will perform. The more immature she is the more games, manipulations, lies, and the more she will try to control you. When it comes to love, love is simply about having fun with your partner. The more games she plays the more immature you… Read More »Why Women Try To Strip You Of Your Power
Love is the dissolving of thee egos

What Is True Love

Love is something we all seek, yet, for most people they don’t know how to give or receive love. A lot of people think of love as a type of possession or a form of control. Love is not about control, power, force, or anything of that nature. Anytime you make someone abandon their freewill to be what you want them to be or force them in a particular way – this is not love. This is a type of slavery. For most people, they want love to look or feel a certain type way. Which is why most people… Read More »What Is True Love