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Tough Times Calls For Desperate Measures – Davinci Neptune

Times are crazy right about now with the whole corona virus epidemic situation. People are losing their jobs, people are not able to work, depression, fear, anxiety are on a all time high. When conditions like this occur the morale of the whole nation decreases. But, with times like this comes great opportunities if one knows how to look for them. Sure, people are losing their jobs, but it also means means their might be more job slots opening as well with the rise of people losing their jobs and leaving their jobs. Some, companies might be able to profit… Read More »Tough Times Calls For Desperate Measures – Davinci Neptune
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Are You Relying On Luck?

Most people like the idea of stuff happening for them for no apparent reason other than they just happen to be at the right place at the right time. It is a great feeling I won’t even lie to you, however, anything related to luck keeps you in the position of being powerless. As if the gods themselves will start pouring money from the sky and say “make it rain”. The universe does give freebies here and there, as creators of our realities we cannot rely on luck. As depending on luck to get what you want can leaving you… Read More »Are You Relying On Luck?
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Seize The Opportunity Before You Miss Your Chance

A lot of times people wait and wait until the moment is just right before taking the necessary risk or action to take control of their lives. But, the moment is never right. When in doubt slow and steady is the best approach. But, if you are taking it slow out of fear and staying within your comfort zone you will let plenty of opportunities slide by. And the Universe works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the universe is knocking on your door with plenty of opportunities, but if you are not in the right vibration you will miss the chance… Read More »Seize The Opportunity Before You Miss Your Chance
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Take A Chance Or Suffer Your Fate

Winners are those who are driven for success despite the overbearing challenge that is front of them. By trying something new each day you collect more and data that improves your intuition. Your mind will be refined with a better chance of knowing what to do for the next time. Many people take failures and mistakes personally. And it is rather hard not to because the ego craves for validation. And anything that signals a defeat, loss, mistake, etc. is a threat to the sense of self. We begin to view ourselves as a failure. But, in order to succeed… Read More »Take A Chance Or Suffer Your Fate
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It’s Not Personal | Davinci Neptune

A lot of times we take things personally when most of the time it has nothing to do with us or what we are saying or doing. A lot of the the times it has to do with how people are reacting to us depending on multiple conditions. Their state will determine how they¬†perceive you at any given moment. For example, if someone just lost a million dollars, and you try telling them a joke instead of responding in a funny manner they make just respond in a flat response. Because, their currently reality is “I am broke,” so when… Read More »It’s Not Personal | Davinci Neptune
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Why Following Your Joy Doesn’t Always Work

Like it or not friends, life has different plans for us sometimes. Mom and dad wants you to do something. Your girlfriend wants you to do something else. And, if you do anything, but what you don’t want to do, everyone hates you for it. Very confusing right because do you follow your joy or not? Do you let other people tell you what to do or not? It depends…Ideally, you use your own internal to guide you in the right direction or what is known as intuition. Your intuition is the most important faculty known to man and it… Read More »Why Following Your Joy Doesn’t Always Work