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Defeat the evil witch | Davinci Neptune

Defeat the evil witch We have those people in our lives who serve as the bad guy in our story. And it is important you prepare yourself to defeat the bad one. I met an evil witch recently who has been ruining my life. She has been trying to manipulate and control with various forms of gas lighting tactics. But, then I snap out of it, and unmask her of evil ways. She looks like a complete moron at the end. Because, she doesn’t want to be the bad person, but she has no control over her impulses. She was… Read More »Defeat the evil witch | Davinci Neptune
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Repair your body parts | Davinci Neptune

Attention:  This is a reminder to all you healthy consciousness and high vibrational people. You have to take great care of your well being and I mean this in every way possible. In this article, I am particularly talking about your physical health. Anywhere in your body is deficient, damaged, or broken creates a lack of prana or lowers the flow of sexual energy. Very important you take great care of all your parts. Be aware, and listen to your body and see if there are areas on your body that needs help. Pain in the body is your body… Read More »Repair your body parts | Davinci Neptune
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Past Lives

Somewhere a point of me feels like I’ve seen all of these memories, and time-lapse. Everything is a blur, but it all feels so feel familiar. As if I did this all once upon a time, many years ago. I’ve unlocked a higher state of consciousness, and this consciousness, the nature of reality feels all so familiar to me. It seems like a time traveler we “had” the capacity to jump through timelines, dimensions, and what not. Yet, it’s important that most of the realities we can jump into look  the same anyways. So what differs? Your consciousness and the… Read More »Past Lives
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Why We Have Polarities?

Let me start by defining what is magic. Magic is everything in life. The tools and resources you use to create your life is magic. Everything that exist because of consciousness. Everything in life is the polarity being played out between light and dark, good–evil, hot-cold.male-female,  active, passive, master, slave, giver, and receiver. I am bringing this up because life is this never ending balance of light and dark. In relationships, light and dark exist as well between the masculine and the feminine as well as the multiple versions of themselves they have. Let’s stick to the main topic, though.… Read More »Why We Have Polarities?

Why Following Your Joy Doesn’t Always Work

Like it or not friends, life has different plans for us sometimes. Mom and dad wants you to do something. Your girlfriend wants you to do something else. And, if you do anything, but what you don’t want to do, everyone hates you for it. Very confusing right because do you follow your joy or not? Do you let other people tell you what to do or not? It depends…Ideally, you use your own internal to guide you in the right direction or what is known as intuition. Your intuition is the most important faculty known to man and it… Read More »Why Following Your Joy Doesn’t Always Work
Did You Let Freddy Krueger In Your Home - Gerardo Morillo

Did You Let Freddy Krueger In Your Home?

The reason they think that there so many possession cases because If you fall asleep at night and you have financial worries and anxieties and If you carry those into your sleep that will make you particularly susceptible to demonic forces. You can imagine going to sleep at night full of abundance and peace. This keeps the demon at bay. Why? When you go to sleep your mind stores memories and the sleep process solidifies the memories you could say. When we talk about demons what we mean are before and after. Could you give me an example of this?… Read More »Did You Let Freddy Krueger In Your Home?