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You Are The Master Of Your Mind

No man is your master. The only master is Jesus Christ whose is heaven(consciousness). The enlighten man knows everything is done through Jesus(the fulfilled desire/right thinking) and once Jesus consciousness is actualized you discover you have all the power within already to manifest any type of life you want. Anything you want you can create so long as you lean the basic rules of mental alchemy. Therefore do away with idols in your mind that you are holding. Negative people, false prophets, fake leaders, fake friends, anything that does not serve you divorce yourself from it this instant. And once… Read More »You Are The Master Of Your Mind
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How To Attract A Specific Person?

First up is this even possible? Can you really attract a specific person into your reality? Well, the answer to that question is yes! But, should you?! Attracting a specific person requires a ton of ingredients, time, energy, confidence, and a bit of luck. Because to attract someone specifically it’s about realigning each others’ each other to the others liking. Or, to put simply a vibrational match. In plain English, this mean you morph yourself into what it is THEY want in their lover. You become, what they always fantasize about. Why does this work? Because, by morphing yourself into… Read More »How To Attract A Specific Person?
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Why does the universe make you suffer?

Do you sometimes wonder why the universe makes you suffer? Like no matter what you do nothing seems to be working? There could be a logical explanation as to why the universe makes you suffer. Well, what could that be?! So you remember! It is telling you are going the wrong way you dummie! The universe rewards you when you are going in the right direction to your desires. When you lie or try to cheat yourself out of your own desires, bad stuff will happen. And that is why you have integrity and not backslide from what you say… Read More »Why does the universe make you suffer?
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How to recover from fatigue

What to do if you have been feeling tired lately? If you have been feeling tired lately, sorry, their won’t be any great answers for you. Health- Do anything to improve your state of health. Eat foods that help you heal, not just food that taste good, food that helps your mind-body-spirit- heal. Which means you have to try different types of foods out when this happens. Exercise- Sometimes, you may have to force your body to shake off the fatigue by being physically active. Rest- Usually, however, getting the proper rest will be better than exercise, but sometimes you… Read More »How to recover from fatigue
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Imagination Is Your Best Friend

Scientist and philosohpers have argued what makes someone intelligent? What is the single thing defines us intelligence? Albert Einstein once said you are nothing without imagination. And that’s because imagination is by far the most powerful tool to manifesting. But, why is that? What does imagination and manifesting have to do with each other? Imagination is the source of creation and desires. Everything that is manifested in the physical world goes through a very precise cooking process in the spiritual realm until The World is complete. The world being you and your desire are now a match. You can think… Read More »Imagination Is Your Best Friend
How To Quickly Manifest Anything in 8 Easy Steps

How To Quickly Manifest Anything in 8 Easy Steps

In this, article we will discuss How to Quickly Manifest Anything in 8 Easy Steps. The Law of Attraction can be made simple with the right strategies and foundations in mind. If you want to learn how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest, money, better relationships, happiness, dream job, and or anything else this article is for you. When you apply some of the strategies here manifesting with The Law of Attraction will be as easy eating a piece of cake. You will get all the good stuff with very minimum efforts.  Set A Goal Whatever is you… Read More »How To Quickly Manifest Anything in 8 Easy Steps
The Best Law of Attraction Book

Top 3 Law of Attraction Book To Easily Manifest Abundance

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In this article, we will be discussing The Best Law of Attraction Book and improve your ability to manifest, attract success, abundance and put you on the right path to victory. Click this article and learn everything you must know about the best Law of Attraction book.
A Magician's Poem | Gerardo Morillo |

A Magician’s Poem | Gerardo Morillo | Prosperitylifehacks

Magician's Poem, by Gerardo Morillo. This is just some occult knowledge and references. It's not just for your entertainment purposes. There is very deep meaning here for all you seekers out there. If you like this be sure to checkout the resources in this article to expand your level of wisdom and attract success in all areas of life.
Is The Law of Attraction A Scam

Is The Law of Attraction A Scam(find out in this article)

In this article, we will clarify on whether or not the Law of Attraction is a scam. The quick answer is yes. The right answer is no. Ever since “The Secret came along millions of manifesters have spawned thanks to that one book. I bought the book during my first semester of college. Life was pretty rough back then. Was looking for a way to fix my problems. Then I found The Secret. I was excited to read a book that seems like it could offer me what I wasn’t able to provide to myself. At the time I thought… Read More »Is The Law of Attraction A Scam(find out in this article)
Is Anger good or bad?

Anger : The Misunderstood Emotion

Hello friends, Chances are you were once so angry you didn’t even know what to do. It started off as something small, then you held it in. One by one your buttons started to get pushed and boom! You exploded. Were you wrong or right?  Anger is normal, expected in fact. The issue comes when we the earth being triggered by every little event and blowing up at every single person. Or not knowing what to do with that build up anger. Or in the rare case, feeling ashamed of your emotion(anger in this case). Anger is an emotion. Like many other… Read More »Anger : The Misunderstood Emotion