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Seize The Opportunity Before You Miss Your Chance

A lot of times people wait and wait until the moment is just right before taking the necessary risk or action to take control of their lives. But, the moment is never right. When in doubt slow and steady is the best approach. But, if you are taking it slow out of fear and staying within your comfort zone you will let plenty of opportunities slide by. And the Universe works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the universe is knocking on your door with plenty of opportunities, but if you are not in the right vibration you will miss the chance… Read More »Seize The Opportunity Before You Miss Your Chance
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Is Love Really The Answer?

Ultimately, love is really at the essence of who you are. In our society we are so removed from our soul being. Everything is like junk food. We worship the fast lifestyle and anything that is real and meaningful is not appreciated. This isn’t to say my dear reader that love is the only thing that exist. Everything in our world is manifested as love in a different shade of it. Everyone desires love and how they seek it is the way they are choosing to go about it. We have no choice but to accept it for what it… Read More »Is Love Really The Answer?
PLH Promo - Davinci Neptune

How To Take Back Your Power and Eliminate Excuses!

How To Take Back Your Power and Eliminate Excuses! Trust the universe is guiding you where you want to go. Plenty of people will try to force you into becoming what they want you to become. However, know the universe is seeking to help you become an expression of you who you truly are doing the role that best fits your soul. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed cut the ties of relationships and people in your life who is causing you stress. Then gather yourself back together again and try again from a balanced state. Working through resistances is… Read More »How To Take Back Your Power and Eliminate Excuses!