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Leave Childlike Ideas Behind – Davinci Neptune

People have ideas and beliefs in mind that existed for years. They have no idea how and why it’s there only that they believe it to be true. Yet, if they were to challenge that idea of why they think it’s true it would be a difficult one to justify. We humans are not logical creatures, we are more social packed species that work together in groups. We have social instincts that help us know how to behave in social situations, and what to avoid. If we didn’t have this then you can walk up to anyone at any time… Read More »Leave Childlike Ideas Behind – Davinci Neptune
PLH Promo - Davinci Neptune

Are you emotionally addicted to pains and sufferings?(stuck in the past?)

Are you addicted to pain and suffering? Sometimes, people who been beaten to death in their past lives form an addiction with seeking revenge to other people. They feel betrayed by life and hurt. I myself feel the universe has been against me. Many times in my life, I felt hurt because I was angry at the world. I am doing my best to live and be happy and trying my best to survive. So why is the world making me suffer so much, I would always wonder to myself. Why do I have to suffer. Naturally, this made me… Read More »Are you emotionally addicted to pains and sufferings?(stuck in the past?)
Accept your nature - Gerardo Morillo -

Accept Your Nature

Long ago when you were a child you didn’t have the best of family growing up. You were forced to hold yourself back and surpress multiple parts of who you were. You started to disidentify with who you were and dissociate from your own self. Maybe, you even stepped out of your body a few times. Our upbringing can be a source of umcomfort as it prevents us from maturing to who we really are but, sometimes you must accept the fact that life didn’t give you the best of hand. And now, you are ready to move because you… Read More »Accept Your Nature
How To Create Your Own World

How To Create Your Own World

How To Create Your Own World Dear Master, Once upon a time, there was a castle infested with a swarm of Evil Intruders. These intruders came to the land and start making rules inside the castle. We all are young and subject to the rules of our elders, authority, friends, family and everyone else us. We are young and powerless and can’t really do anything about. These people were not of pure heart. They came in enforced their own beliefs and value. Once upon a time, Africa was peaceful and everyone enjoy their life with the members of their community.… Read More »How To Create Your Own World
King of Past | Gerardo Morillo |

Ancient Magic Power

God has just revealed to me a very powerful truth about you. Yes, I see it… In the past, you were a king. A powerful king. Everyone loved you and everyone worshipped you. Maybe you were an ancient king during the Egyptian time period. Egypt was a very interesting time period. Rumors have it Egyptians were in contact with an “alien race” far beyond their time period and is why they were so technological advance(and more advanced in every other way too). In fact, another rumor, magic originates from Africa, or what we consider the “black people.” Pretty interesting, because the… Read More »Ancient Magic Power