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Is Love Really The Answer?

Ultimately, love is really at the essence of who you are. In our society we are so removed from our soul being. Everything is like junk food. We worship the fast lifestyle and anything that is real and meaningful is not appreciated. This isn’t to say my dear reader that love is the only thing that exist. Everything in our world is manifested as love in a different shade of it. Everyone desires love and how they seek it is the way they are choosing to go about it. We have no choice but to accept it for what it… Read More »Is Love Really The Answer?
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Acceptance Is The Best Medicine

Looking at others and seeing others as defective or damaged is very easy. This is what most people do when they are in a social group especially with newcomers. First most people are locked in their own POV(point of view) and when they are looking at other people not only do they not understand them they leave others feeling misunderstood. As if somehow they are flawed. I once had a friend who went to a party and the leaders of the event judged and criticized him just by his mere presence. Not even because he did anything wrong, but, just… Read More »Acceptance Is The Best Medicine