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Repair your body parts | Davinci Neptune

Attention:  This is a reminder to all you healthy consciousness and high vibrational people. You have to take great care of your well being and I mean this in every way possible. In this article, I am particularly talking about your physical health. Anywhere in your body is deficient, damaged, or broken creates a lack of prana or lowers the flow of sexual energy. Very important you take great care of all your parts. Be aware, and listen to your body and see if there are areas on your body that needs help. Pain in the body is your body… Read More »Repair your body parts | Davinci Neptune
PLH Promo - Davinci Neptune

[Podcast]Is Sexuality Evil or Wrong? – Davinci Neptune

Is Sexuality Evil or Wrong? – Davinci Neptune Davinci Neptune Ebooks Manifest Shortcuts: Discover The Ancient Secrets of Magic and Create Any Life You Want Women’s Brain Decoded:How To Put Anyone Under Your Love Spell DOMINATE THE ONLINE BUSINESS GAME: How To Make A Six Figure Online Business:
The ANCIENT FORBIDDEN SECRET For Attracting Love, Money, and Power | Gerardo Morillo

The ANCIENT FORBIDDEN SECRET For Attracting Love, Money, and Power

Men and women want more sex let’s get the out of the way right of the bat.  How do men get more sex? Well, they have to learn the game of life with all its rules and strategies.  There is one important piece to this as well. You must have the ambition to gain power because by gain more power you can access more sex. Sex is actually extremely with the more you rise in power. Because women are hardwired to pairbond with a stronger creature than herself known as the “Alpha Male.”  An alpha male is a man of… Read More »The ANCIENT FORBIDDEN SECRET For Attracting Love, Money, and Power

The Secret Attraction Sauce (For Men)

In every game, there is an objective. And in every game, there is a way to win and a way to lose. One thing that is also in every game is a currency of some kind. In real life we have money. During the hunters and gatherers period there was food. Food was a very important resource back in those time period. Without food, one would die. There is an old saying that states “he with the most bacon is king.” Our social instincts were formed from way back then during these tribes. Many of our conflicts today exist because… Read More »The Secret Attraction Sauce (For Men)
How To Develop Irresistible Presence

How To Develop Irresistible Presence

What is presence? Presence is something that is hard to put our finger on, but we all know when someone has it and someone doesn’t. Here in this article, we will be introducing what presence is and how to create it. While reading this article be sure to clear your mind of all lingering thoughts that are running in the background somewhere way over there. The benefits of presence is astounding. People with strong presence tend to attract others to themselves MUCH MORE easily than those without presence. What is Presence Presence can be defined as a sort of “energy”… Read More »How To Develop Irresistible Presence