How To Attract The Right People Into Your Life - Davinci Neptune

How To Attract The Right People Into Your Life

I would like you to imagine people are reading body language as either open or closed. Closed body language sends signals to other people you do not want to be approached and may not want someone to enter your space. If you tend to be on guard on social situations, and you find someone you are attracted to but you are constantly sending the wrong signals. See the wrong signals will push away people you do want to attract, and, make you attract the people you don’t want to attract. To people you do want to allow in your space… Read More »How To Attract The Right People Into Your Life
How Social Media Brainwashes you - Davinci Neptune

How Social Media Brainwashes You

You think because they have 1 hour of success that they somehow have perfect lives this is known as overlay or hypnosis. We think one way about someone because of their 10-mins they have on TV, movies, or whatever. Reality is nothing like fairy tale.  Real life is filled with the awkward lulls in between. No one really knows what they are doing people are just winging it in between. But, everyone loves to look like they have all the answers. Everyone loves to look like they have their lives all sorted out and figured out, especially in front of… Read More »How Social Media Brainwashes You
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Davinci Neptune On Dating

Davinci Neptune On Dating Davinci Neptune Resources: Davinci Neptune Manifest Shortcuts: Women’s Brain Decoded: Davinci Neptune Women Brain Decoded is my latest work and will teach you the mysteries of women behaviors and their thought process. You will learn how to create attraction, build up her desires, and remove any insecurities when it comes to women. Click the link below for more info. Davinci Neptune’s Newsletter(In beta) Join my free newsletter for even more helpful tips and resources:… Davinci Neptune Tool Box MY FREE EBOOK- DOMINATE THE ONLINE BUSINESS GAME Download Now – Make Money While You… Read More »Davinci Neptune On Dating