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Everyone Has A Monster Inside

Everyone has shadow inside themselves. We all have black and white you cannot have one without the other. In a more idealistic world their wouldn’t be a black side, however, because we live in a imperfect world there is plenty of black inside the hearts of man. Perhaps, black and white are fact two sides of the same coin to give us contrast and a clearer perspective. There are parts of you that you might not like or you feel shamed to have. When we are maturing mistakes are part of the process. Without the mistakes there are no lessons.… Read More »Everyone Has A Monster Inside
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Trading Mindset For Successful Trades!

The one who is less desperate is the winner. This is something that cannot be fake. If you try to fake your lack of insecurities or fears people will sniff it out and they will know. When trying to build confidence a little bit of faking it or practice will be required. Thus, the famous quote fake it till you make it which essentially means to practice until you become it. But, there is a bit of a problem, when you haven’t arrived that peak when you have become it. If you fake it too much people will sense it… Read More »Trading Mindset For Successful Trades!
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Self Help Gone Wrong

Self help junkies think if they read more books they will improve. This is true but only to an extent because while yes it is true the more you know the better you are. There is a certain point in time when more knowledge is not better because you are essentially relearning the same information over and over again. At this point one must realize it is time to apply what one has learned. The magic of any personal development is in the applying not in the reading. Reading is only the starting point. So why do people get stuck… Read More »Self Help Gone Wrong
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Self Discovery and The Journey

Life is the very act of self discovering and exploration. Which is why expression and learning about life and thyself is one of the most important things you can in this world. A theory goes a little something like this. You are source with amnesia and you came forgotten who you are. And you started clean slate on purpose to figure our who you are. You can only figure out who you are during the trial and error process. So, if you have your lazy butt on the sidelines within your comfort zones you won’t be getting much of the… Read More »Self Discovery and The Journey
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How To Give Up Control and Let Life Flow Naturally

People often think you must know the answer to everything of life in every single second of the way. But, no matter how smart you get knowing all the answers to life and knowing how to respond to everything in life is nearly impossible. You are better off learning how to flow like water and accepting all the different parts of life. The up and down. Learn to roll with the different polarity of life. Life is hot and cold and it is like a gradient in between. One thing that gets us in trouble is thinking we need to… Read More »How To Give Up Control and Let Life Flow Naturally
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Win at All Cost

Friend nothing brings us more success than success itself. Some people say more problems more problems but the opposite is true, more money less problems. How could money a tool that provides you more options give you more problems?