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Self Help Gone Wrong

Self help junkies think if they read more books they will improve. This is true but only to an extent because while yes it is true the more you know the better you are. There is a certain point in time when more knowledge is not better because you are essentially relearning the same information over and over again. At this point one must realize it is time to apply what one has learned. The magic of any personal development is in the applying not in the reading. Reading is only the starting point. So why do people get stuck… Read More »Self Help Gone Wrong
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Why People Judge Others

Back when I was a kid and learning about the world. I would observe other people to learn about life. I felt uncertain about myself and my place in the world, so, I looked to others to gain second hand experience. This allowed me to see what I should do or what others are doing to get a better idea on what to do. And the more you look at others the more you will develop and eye for patterns. Gradually overtime your intuition will spot all the right answers because you have seen all the patterns and can see… Read More »Why People Judge Others
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It’s Not Personal | Davinci Neptune

A lot of times we take things personally when most of the time it has nothing to do with us or what we are saying or doing. A lot of the the times it has to do with how people are reacting to us depending on multiple conditions. Their state will determine how they perceive you at any given moment. For example, if someone just lost a million dollars, and you try telling them a joke instead of responding in a funny manner they make just respond in a flat response. Because, their currently reality is “I am broke,” so when… Read More »It’s Not Personal | Davinci Neptune

What Do Women Want?

There are plenty of scams in the dating game industry? Why? There are plenty of insecure men who are not getting their needs met when it comes to the opposite sex. Being a man who is free to express your nature without fear is a very attractive quality in today’s time. Part of the challenge is that we have plenty of misinformation about what makes a man. This is a hot topic that people are trying to understand and needless to say put their opinions. Now obviously there is a difference between facts and opinions. People can only give you… Read More »What Do Women Want?
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Did You Let Freddy Krueger In Your Home?

The reason they think that there so many possession cases because If you fall asleep at night and you have financial worries and anxieties and If you carry those into your sleep that will make you particularly susceptible to demonic forces. You can imagine going to sleep at night full of abundance and peace. This keeps the demon at bay. Why? When you go to sleep your mind stores memories and the sleep process solidifies the memories you could say. When we talk about demons what we mean are before and after. Could you give me an example of this?… Read More »Did You Let Freddy Krueger In Your Home?

How To Predict The Future

I’ve seen your future. Trust me, I can predict your timeline, the story you will experience. But If I tell you the future, it may cause a chain reaction that changes the one of the foreseen into another future.   I guess you can say there are millions of future you can have at any given moment.   Once, I met this wise spiritual angel, I spoke to him because I was curious he had a psychic shop of his own. For a man that could predict the future, you would think he would be rich or something.   He… Read More »How To Predict The Future
How To Become An Alpha Male | Gerardo Morillo | Prosperitylifehacks.com

How To Become An Alpha Male

In this article, you will learn tips and strategies on How To Become An Alpha Male. Much conversations speak about becoming an alpha male because everyone wants to understand how to gain more power, sex, and how to get more out of life. While much talk out there is a great foundation for how to become an alpha male there are some key missing pieces to the puzzle and here we will go over great tips for you to unleash your inner alpha.
Satan Tempts Jesus

The Ego Battle

In this article, Gerardo Morillo owner of  http://prosperitylifehacks.com/ share with you the ego battle. Jesus Vs. Satan. Hope you enjoy! Rule #1 Humans Are Animals I don’t mean this metaphorically, I mean this literally, animals. We are talking monkeys. 90% or more of our DNA is based upon monkeys and also a collection of our ancestors DNA.  Say Hello Brother! When you were a baby you were pure and enjoy life for what it was. Something to be enjoy and a fun experience. You walked the world with a curious and eager desire to learn the world. This is your… Read More »The Ego Battle
King of Past | Gerardo Morillo | Prosperitylifehacks.com

Ancient Magic Power

God has just revealed to me a very powerful truth about you. Yes, I see it… In the past, you were a king. A powerful king. Everyone loved you and everyone worshipped you. Maybe you were an ancient king during the Egyptian time period. Egypt was a very interesting time period. Rumors have it Egyptians were in contact with an “alien race” far beyond their time period and is why they were so technological advance(and more advanced in every other way too). In fact, another rumor, magic originates from Africa, or what we consider the “black people.” Pretty interesting, because the… Read More »Ancient Magic Power
Obey Your Master

Obey Your Masters

Life is very complex for sure. Who leads who in the social situation? There are obviously a mix of variables occurring with the “leadership” dynamic. And to make it harder leadership is not static. Life is very awkward for wise spiritual man such as myself because I walk the earth in the humblest way possible. Because I don’t really care about these pity simple things. Usually the one with the most money is the leader. Or, if you have the most spiritual wisdom you “should” be the leader of the interaction. However, there are a lot of weird variables in life.… Read More »Obey Your Masters