The Real Reason Why Women Hate Nice Guys

The Real Reason Why Women Hate Nice Guys - Davinci Neptune

I am sure you have heard the old famous saying “nice guys finish last.”

Women are attracted to certain types of traits in a man.

A man that is masculine, confident, leadership skills, social skills, etc.

A nice guy is usually a “loser” with weak social skills, low level of confidence, and low self-esteem.

That’s why women take advantage of the poor nice guy, because they lack the ability to stand up for themselves or set boundaries.

As a women value increases and her sense of self-worth increases the more she will despise nice guy.

But, it’s not really for the reason most people think.

Nice guys are simply in the ABUNDANCE in terms of SUPPLY.

Meaning it’s common like copper or bronze.

Non nice guys are like silvers and gold which are higher and value, and more scarce.

Nice guys are desperate for a women attention and validation.

Nice guys are really like those beginners in sports or whatever subject; they are inexperienced and lack the skills to give the women what she wants.

If you ever played any video games, nice guys are the newbies, but in proper context, they are the newbies of the social game.

Usually, women with low self-esteem or low standards won’t even mind a nice guy as their partner.

You can take this mean their standards are lot lower than higher quality women.

The higher a women raises in value the more she will expect and demand from a potential love interest.

You can even take this to mean she feels more “entitled” for a certain type of man.

This also has to do with she has had plenty of relationships, and her algorithm for what she seeks in her mate is expanded and depended on her history.

She will weed out and screen out men who she deems not qualified for her, or not good enough.

But, remember what women think they are attracted to, what they say they want, is different from what they are attracted to.

Attraction is instinctual.

You cannot control who you are attracted to.

This is why it doesn’t matter what she says or what she thinks she wants in a potential partner or in a mate.


You cannot control who you are attracted to.

Attraction is instinctual like eating.

That’s why it doesn’t even matter what she says or thinks she wants in a man.

What she is attracted to is far more important.

She will chase a guy who she is attracted to even if he doesn’t fit the large laundry list of what he “should” have.

Why? Because attraction is instinctual not based on some logic.

Which is why you should take what women say at face value, at best.

Most women don’t even know what they really want they are just merely thinking out loud about what they do want.

Women as they get older will have a preference for nicer and more mature men because she is becoming more ready to settle down.

It is perfectly convenient for them to do so, because their looks it starting to fade away and they had “their fun” and now they are ready for a “real relationship”.

As a women gets older her wild nature starts to calm down as she matures, and will prefer nicer more mature men – nice guys finish last.

This also has to do with she will have more control, feel more safe, and get away with a lot more of her behaviors with a nice guy.

A high quality man won’t put up with her nasty behaviors, they will either leave, cheat, or find another women.

Because for a high quality man he has plenty of options.

He has no reason to stick to one girl especially if her attitude sucks.

Does this mean you can’t be nice or friendly to women?

No not really, but it’s to say don’t her walk all over you, and stand up for yourself when appropriate.

And if she is giving you much of a headache find someone else.

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