The Relationship Of The Higher and Lower Self

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The higher self and your “lower self” seems to be a push-pull relationship. It is definitely an exchange of energy. One may not want to call it a transactional relationship because I think they call it a trade of energies that is out of “love.” None the less it is a trade. Yet, it is a different type of trade.

It seems the higher self is a guide to the lower self and the higher self helps the lower self create the reality he/she desires. In exchange what does the higher self get in return? I think the higher self gets loves and admiration. The higher self gets more popularity, more famous, fame love, more attention, etc.

Again, everything is a trade. That’s the bottom line of it. I almost wish people were just more honest about it though, because people are very deceptive, about everything. They label things not as they are but as they wish it should be, but in reality everything is trade. Yet, reality, and fantasy is a blur. The higher you go in the spirtual world the more the blue becomes.

What is fantasty? What is reality? Is the 3D dimension really reality? But, wait a minute didn’t 4D or 5D create the 3D world. So, is it safe to say the 3D is really the normal real world.

Friends, I keep saying the world we live in is a simulator of some kind. And I am very certain about it. How certain? About 95% certain. Yet, the rules of the universe are lot more complex than what seems to be the case. Yet, it’s also easy.

If you are the lower self of the higher self then technically your role is to surrender to the “host”

It sounds like a spider eating another spider. But, in reality it’s yourself giving yourself up to yourself. The higher self is just a guide trying to pull you of the universe, reality, or consciousness you are currently at.

That’s why these terms are very fleeting in nature. They are just terms to explain or describe reality.

Do I think the higher self is trying to trick or scam the lower self? Yes…and no, I think the higher self is doing what it can or needs to do to pull the lower self our of the world or reality it’s in. And sometimes, it does this by any means necessary. Even manipulaton, even pain, even trauma, or whatever it has to do.

This is why it can be tricky to describe action as whether or not it is good or evil. Sometimes, the higher self will decide to be malicious to the lower self in order to cut the pain, eliminate the emotions, or remove the fault deficienies.

Sometimes, the higher self will do things that may appear evil on the surface but it in realtiy is for “love and light.”

My problem with this is, I don’t really want to experience pain to become more self-actualized. As someone who has been through enough pains. I’ve been through too much pains, and sometiems my higher self think I need more pains. What I really need is more blessings and more rewards, not more pains.

I’ve been through enough traumas and pains to last me an entire last time. And meeting with higher self they think I want to give up myself and go thought every single trauma again. I am talking about over 10 years of suffering and pain. Upon meeting my higher self, they are way too late.

They think I am new to pain. They think pain is something new to me. They think I don’t know pain. The reality is I’ve already been through more pain than they probably will ever realize. And my higher self thinks they are blessing me by whipping me even more.

As cute as that sounds, that is certaintly not the case. What I need is more money and more love. Not more pain, on top of the pain thank you very much.

Money is the answer to everything in life. Money and love is the answer to life. Anyone who tells you other wise is flat out wrong.

There is not a single thing you cannot fix with money. Money fixes everything and anything.

So when my higher self is trying to give me advice about concepts they think I don’t already know.

As if I am new to the game of life. As I’ve never seen any of these ideas before. It’s rather annoying.

Because, I’ve seen it. I am a high level player of this game called life.

I’ve literally collected every experience known to man.

The only thing I am missing is more money and more love in the physical world.

My higher self is kind of like a joke who thinks they know the answers, but in reality is clueless.

Money and love is the answer. Everything else is a time dump or waste of time.

Tips, lessons, advice…I am sorry, to a man like me that’s a waste of time.

You cannot teach a man who knows everything. I know everything. So, I am sorry higher self, I know EVERYTHING known to man already.

The only thing I am missing is more money and more love.

So to my higher self, if you cannot assist me in more money or love you are a flat out distraction waste of my time and waste of my life.

There is nothing you can’t teach me that I don’t ALREADY KNOW.

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