Thinker and Doer

Thinker and Doer | Gerardo Morillo |

The relationship between our conscious mind and subconscious mind can be described in many ways.

Captain and Ship.

Sun(conscious) Moon(subconscious mind).

Waking Mind and Sleeping Mind.

The Top of the iceberg and the Bottom of the iceberg.

The conscious mind chooses and the subconscious obeys the instruction you plant. Like planting seeds in the garden.

Outcomes you create are determined by the seed you plant.

When we speak about conscious mind we are speaking about your thinking brain.

The thinking brain is a fairly recent piece to human nature which is known as the “neo-cortex.” Essentially, the mother of our logic.

The subconscious mind listens to every commands you plant on your mind. Then forms sets of instructions and automates the commands you say.

Sometimes, we call this belief, memories, essentially the ideas in our mind become our automatic behaviors and our automatic thinking.

The subconscious is very compulsive. It listens to everything you say and desires to give just that.

Sometimes, we think of the subconscious mind as the magic genie. Your wish is my command. It for sure is when you understand how it works. Now obviously, it’s not magic. Yet, definitely, comes close to it.

When you decide on something anything, on a conscious level, you will notice yourself doing it later.

Thus is the relationship between your conscious mind, and subconscious mind. The more you think ideas the more those ideas become dominant in your mind. They will become habitual.

We tend to think the same stuff over and over and the subconscious mind is always listening. Which then puts everything on repeat.

Be careful what you think about. But, not too careful where you make it awkward to move. Relax, go slow, and have fun.

The conscious mind is estimated to be 10% of the brain and the subconscious is everything else. And one thing the subconscious mind hates is change. It needs to be changed very slowly. Building up those experiences and memories.

Which is why willpower method is the worst strategy. You are forcing all you brain power onto your conscious mind which is fighting the subconscious mind as well. Your mind is essentially at war with itself with you forcing it to do these changes.

Very popular saying ” Practice makes better.” When we say this we all know what it means. You do something and the more you do it the more comfortable you become at that skill. You become better. You feel more confident while you are doing it.

When you do the brute force method which is to force change you’re putting your mind-body in a very awkward situation. Stress, fear, uncomfort, etc.

What to do instead? Just like planting seeds in the garden.

Plant them.


Come back every so often and check how it is.

Avoid the temptation of checking to see if progress is being made because this indicates a lack of faith.

When you plant the seeds do so with confidence and convictions and your ideal goal will manifest.

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