Through The Darkness

They can live their world and you can live in your own. Sometimes different worlds are not met to cross.

When I was young I use to do love playing a game called Kingdom Hearts traveling through worlds inside the gummie ship.

There was a lot of turbulence going from one to the next. It wasn’t always rainbow and sunshine on the otherwise. Once, I got there I was greeted with heartless just waiting to attack me.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast the demons out. Then I went to the

Final Boss of that world who was always controlling all the evil shadow.

So I cast my special prayer with faith and the spirit of God. But, I was in trouble because it didn’t have any effect.

Next thing, I was surrounded with evil shadow spirits all lurking all around me.

Please help me, Jesus! My farm is being invaded. Not my precious! My precious!!!


Then you reach the climax where you too are so deep down under without a glimmer of hope and no way out.

Then Just like Deux Ex Machina, a character spawned out of thin air and said “let there be light” and the demons all ran scare.

The sun started to shine, the river flow peacefully, and more importantly the world was saved from darkness.

Thank you Jesus, for being a light that always shines.

The light that melts all the darkness!

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