To Aquarius Women and Dolphin Man

To Aquarius Women and Dolphin Man
Beautiful Aquarius women, what are you missing in your life? Do you feel lonely because you’ve been brutally abused in the past? Your childhood is filled with plenty of happy experiences and moments. You have to really dive deep inside yourself about what your most desire was?
Once, I met beautiful princess, when she was a little girl she wanted to find a prince to marry her. She thought and imagined over and over, I can’t wait to find the love of my life and marry my prince.
But, the princess, was beaten to death and denied the love of what she wants and because she was denied, she repressed and denied her desires of finding true love.
She never got to experience the love she really wanted, and yet she dreamed that one day in her life it would happen. So, she held on tight, because if she could keep holding on she will one day find the love of her life. She didn’t want to give up.
She wanted Love, and she was eager to find it in many places. She was a beautiful women, filled with and creativity, she wanted a prince who can explore the universe with and appreciate her for her ideas and go from one adventure to the next.
The Aquarius women must learn how to control her emotional states, and realize there is a limit too much you can hold on to, or jump from idea to idea. Sometimes, you just need a break! To stop the stress and prevent issues from happening.
And the prince will remind the princess when it’s time to stop to help her suffer the demise. He wanted to prevent her from experiencing the pain that brought her traumas and give her the love she wanted.
She was so beaten to death she didn’t know how to love herself and because she didn’t love herself she couldn’t find the love she was looking for.
To Aquarius women you must learn to control emotional, and no boundaries, and balance. There is a time and place for fun, work, play, and life is that BALANCE. The balance that is always in flux. You control you reality.

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