Unfork Yourself

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One cool thing about octopus is they are extremely flexible, and adapative.  They have the capcity to move around all their bodies and they have zero limitations with they move around.

Sadly, we humans are restricted by out physical bodies and our limiting beliefs about what is possible.

But, what if there was a way to be as flexible like as an octupus? Would there be any benefit to this?

Scientist have done studies on the human body and they have determined the more flexible you are the more healthier you are.

They also have noted a correction with people with bad spines and their physical health. Which is something to consider. What does this all mean you wonder?

In theory, when you you expand your body you will be more healthier.

How do you do this? Yoga teaches us how to do this, with their various of poses. By, performing these yoga poses you will unlock greater gifts.

You can think of the body as a cloth sewing machine I guess you could say. And the more open and flexible your body is the better quality of life you will have.

There is great rewards for those of you understand, what I am trying to say. By unlocking this puzzle and mystery you will be rewarded with many treasures.

They say the chakras are like a spinning disk that goes round and round. Do we even have phsysical proof of how to scan for chakras?

I don’t know about you but I  personally have never seen a chakra. But, I definitely have felt it. The more you open your chakra points the better your energy will be which will make you feel better about yourself and improve the quality of your life. Which will give you more confidence to do anything you want.

The mind-body must be like some spinning wheel disc thingy that just spins around and around. But, since invisible how do we even know it exist. Well, to be honest we can’t really know. But, you can somewhat feel the energy of it.

The more energy points you unscrew the better you will do in your life, the better overall quality of your live will be. This is spirituality on a very high level understanding that there are multiple dimensions and multiple possiblities that exist inside yourself just waiting to be unlocked. It required that you really hone into yourself and see that there is more beyond the physical body than we know.

Personally, I think the very elite has been trying to keep this message from all of us for a very long time time to enslave the masses in a very low level dimension. I believe they may have done this on purpose to ensure people never wake wake up from the dream and still asleep.

Reality is but just an illusion manifested from the internal world. Your internal creates your external remember that friends. Stop giving the external power over your life and take back your life. The treasure you seek is already inside of you waiting for you to go and claim it.

Mediate on these concepts before it’s too late. The longer you take the longer you may find yourself stuck in low level dimensions or low vibrations. The more you do now the more you will let go of what does not serve you which will help you climb up higher and higher in higher vibrations and different dimensions. Or, maybe higher level of awareness.

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