What Can You Do To Save Your CHARACTER From Destruction By Social Media?

What Can You Do To Save Your CHARACTER From Destruction By Social Media?

True character is hard today in this new degenerative society we live in today.

We got our priorities all wrong today for plenty of reasons.

There are plenty of things to complain about what is wrong with society.

Look this post is not a rant about what is going wrong with the world today.

We have tons of those.

Yes, there are many things wrong today in society and it is there plenty of things to whine about in our current world.

To be fair there are plenty of things the world is doing currently that most people don’t appreciate because we are naturally born into this society.

For example, we have better technology, better entertainment, more food, more jobs, etc. compared to 100s years of ago.

But, we find ourselves in a rather difficult situation.

If we don’t clean our society we will find ourselves digging our own graves.

However, I don’t expect this to be the case as society and the universe is great at getting their heads out of their asses when the going gets tough.

When it gets REAL BAD there is a rebound effect to fix the problems.

Sometimes, it take things to get so bad to make this right again.

Do we have to wait for things to get so bad?

Usually, that’s how it works.

Why is this? Because negative emotions and negative situations is a lot more dire than the potential positive.

Any who, the best thing to be in today’s world is someone with a great character, virtues, positive qualities and attributes.

Too many people think it’s cool to be a misfit or an individual.

I am one of the original “rebels” I was a rebel before the millennial culture.

I was born literally when the internet was booming into our world around early 2000s.

While, I myself will most likely be a rebel at heart, as I like to consider myself a free thinker we cannot deny the fact we live in a world filled with billions of other people.

Denying this fact will lead to plenty of consequences!

The universe rewards people who do good deeds.

People think they away with not adjusting or not conforming but that is just flat out wrong.

No one really gets away with anything because the universe is always watching and monitoring.

The all seeing eye is always there looking at everything you do or say.

When you do right that is fitting for your soul you will reap the rewards effortlessly.

But, if you instead, choose to oppose the current you will get shut down every time.

But, if you would like you can make a petition and have the universe approve of your idea in which case you will then have an audience that is support of your movement.

Usually, this does not work unless you have serious money to back you up!

Why is this? Because people don’t like to change. No one likes to try new things or new ideas. As much as we hate to admit it we like to stick to what is safe and familiar when in doubt. Why? Because it is simply easier to do what you always have done as opposed to try something new. Trying something tends to create stress.

In this day and age we need more people who reflect the very teaching they represent and desire to see in the world.

We have too many people who dabble, wishy washy, and talking for the sake of mental masturbation.

In order for the world to change we need people to take a stand for not what is right, and also, for IS RIGHT!

What is right is purely subjective of course!

So what is right?

While we may argue logically on what is right we can definitely agree on what feels right intuitively.

Because deep down every single one of you know what is right and what is wrong.

We don’t need to think logically or critically for what God has already equipped each and every single one of us.

We need a new course of action to clean and police this planet and remove the filth that has been polluting our society.

And in order to do we must change the quality of our thinking and be more open minded to more possibilities.

We as a society are expanding and similar our minds must too.

Yet, we must we come to an agreement or some sort of common ground on what we want to see in the world.

Opinions is great for the sake of discussion.

Yet opinion kill innovation.

We need more innovators, entrepreneurs, not mental masturbation!





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