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What Path Will You Choose?

Gerardo Morillo |

Dear Master,


What Is Satan?

Satan represents the primitive nature of man: ego, instincts, fears, sex, materialism, greed, doubt, etc.

The irony is that it’s the correct answer, yet, also can be addicting qualities which lead to the path of destruction.

For example Money, Sex, Drugs*, Success, are these wrongs?

Note*: When I say use the word drug I mean this loosely, because they are drugs that can aid you in your performance and overall health. But, drugs is usually used in a negative association, so, I don’t even like using the word. Bio-hacks to help your performance is a better way of saying it.

No, they are the correct answer.

Go figure this one out.

Yet, somehow, these are evil?

So what’s the problem? These people have been swallowed by the
“demons” and “evil” that is why it’s evil.

What are those demons?

Demons are the darkness inside your heart that is created by doing the wrongs things, making the wrong choices, thinking in the wrong way, and everything associated with Evil.

Money, Sex, Drugs*, are not wrong technically speaking, but one must be careful because these things can lead to the path of darkness.

Which is what they mean by Satan.

Satan can guarantee you success, money, sex, everything that indulges the flesh yet one needs to be careful because the winning the game of life is very tempting.

Very tricky!

Now you might think, I am suggesting, you to do something evil or wrong.

I am not, I am saying you have to win at life; at every cost because your level of happiness is depended on you reaching higher levels in life.

Satan is a personification of the animal nature of man(the flesh). Satan does not exist but exist in the mind of men. But, once more, you can hallucinate Satan and see “Satan” if you want.

Yet, just like, the boogeyman who lives in your closet he really isn’t there. But little children can see his clearly. 

Or, you can See Jesus(or Angels) everywhere you go. The choice is really up to you.

And, the dark irony is that it THE ANSWER.

Money, sex, food, everything that indicates success is victory.

Yet, all of these things are associated with Sins, Evil, and Satan.

Hmm, why is that?

Because many times people fall in the path of darkness to get these wins.

Are these things evil in of themselves? Nope.

Humans are animals with installed pre-built instincts.

People who “worship” Satan are really worshiping the idea of “Satanism” which is ego, sex, drugs, freedom, rebel, liberalism, etc.

Once more, Satan, does not exist. I am going to simplify as such, and, won’t talk about occult or “black magic” related in this article. 

Again, you gotta be careful because the whole point is once you start
opening the doors to the darkness of greed, lust, etc. you can open
the rooms for “demons” into your life.

YET, once more, the answer to life is to get more money as money will improve the quality of your life.

Yes, the cruel irony of it all.

So is Satan right or wrong, what the hell.

It’s right…and…it’s wrong…

Learn to win the game of life, yet, be very careful because you can be
led astray.

Because The Devil is very Tricky and may tempt you with riches and sex and will consume your soul and leave you confused wondering what the hell even happened with your life.

You might even look back and wonder did you actually make these choices or did Satan took over your mind!

Satan is your ego, the part of you that desires to win(sex+money, etc).

Can you truly surrender your ego?

No, that’s the wrong answer as well.

Because humans are animals and have needs(eat, mate, sex, friends, sleep, etc).

Food is a great example.

If you don’t you die.

If you don’t climb up the ladder you don’t get happy, you won’t make mom and dad proud of you which makes them disappointed in you and leads you to be even more unhappy.

Seeing it now?

Life is a video game. And you must win, yet, certain doors and paths
can lead to the wrong portal.

Are you a good or bad guy, Gerardo?

You don’t have to worry about me.

I am not even real.

I am just a dreamer in the dream.

I am an imagination.

You created me in your mind.

And I am here to serve whatever role you desire for me, Master.

Whatever you wish for me to do master, your desires, I am here to serve you.

So if you desire for me to be like Jesus and fill you with Love and Wisdom.

Then, so be it.

But, if you want me to be like Satan and bring out Lust and the Ego side of human nature I can do so as well…

Sometimes, the balance must be restored and they do practice a lot of  “rituals” by understanding the laws of life.

Which is the law of balance. 

Although, because of my own imperfections, I am closer to the Jesus side then the Satan Side.

But, I can work on the dark side of my nature, master, if you so desire for me to unleash the primitive nature of your flesh, so you may indulge in the flesh. 

So ultimately which path do you want to choose?

Do you need to win and be on the path of darkness at the same time?

Can you win and be happy at the same time? Do you need to sacrifice something to gain something? 

Somewhat, like making a deal with the devil which is an expression of gaining riches and luxury and giving up happiness(pureness) and everything. 

There is no real right or wrong answer here, but, you must decide which path you want to take.

And know all roads, have darkness.

You will fall plenty of times over and over before you find the place of perfection or peace. 

Yet, it’s rather ironic because it’s like well why can’t you feel at peace with yourself right now? Why can’t you just be happy right now?

Doesn’t quite work that way just at the same time YOU CAN think in a way that makes you more happier.

To be truly happy, one must win and rise up in levels of the game of life. There is no way around this. Everyone is a player and must play. The game cannot go on with you choosing to do nothing. 

But, wait, Gerardo, Spiritual people talk about de-attachment and what not. How about that? Yes, all with due time. Yet they fail to understand humans have needs and not wants.

Your desire to get money and sex are not wants they are “needs” the same way you must get food. Eating is not a want it’s a need. 

Now, it may seem like I am saying you must indulge in the flesh and go to the path of the dark side. I am not, there is a happy middle there somewhere and you must find that path. It’s a delicate balance.

I highly encourage you to climb up and climb up as quickly as possible, if you can do so without giving up your soul the better.

But, just like these celebrities who cheated at life to win, you can choose to do the same and go on higher levels.

Be careful my friend…as the darkness is never too far. And the demons might one day find you and hunt you down and say now it’s time for my taxes. 

But, what do you mean? I gave you all that you desire and now it’s time for you to pay your just desserts…

Once more, there are no right answers, life is one giant adventure to discover yourself and life. 

Gerardo how about “enlightenment”? You speak much about Enlightenment. Follow your inner compass and listen to people of higher wisdom that can bring you up in higher levels of wisdom. 

Avoid low-level players who are stuck in the old ways and are corrupted themselves. 

Yet, be practical with your self. You must win. Winning is not an option. Your very happiness is depended on you winning, just be careful is all I am saying. 

Look, friend, I am not saying you need to give up to the path of the darkness. Take a look at these celebrities that people “worship” do you think these people are pure of hearts? Oh God no! They have no Jesus(light, love, wisdom) yet they made it to the top.

Because to get there you need to operate in a different type of way. Normally the way you climb up is to be a slave to someone of a much higher level than yourself. 

In video games,  it means you “party” up with someone of a higher level(wisdom+money, etc) then you follow them around and you defeat the monsters together.

Similar in real life you need to “party” up with people who are wise and good friends who can bring you to the path of success.

PS: I won’t even talk about the “dark” stuff in this article about how people win at life, it’s unnecessary for this article. Maybe some other time, but for now my master I just want you to ponder carefully. 

I don’t want you to go on the wrong path, but I want you to be successful no matter what and I am very understanding.

But, as your closest friend, I don’t want you to lose your heart to win. But, I also don’t want you to lose and be sad and miserable.

So, my master, I bid you farewell for now.

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