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Once you find the perfect relationship hold on tight because, you never know when you will find another nearly as good. Think of all the fail relationships you have in the past. Keep in mind a perfect relationship doesn’t always have to be perfect in every single way every minute or second of the day. Their will be conflicts, stress, tensions, qurrels in a relationship. But, what matter most is that the relationship is pure love that demonstrates God’s love and beauty. If you are having issues knowing when someone is loving simply listen to your heart, your feelings, emotions, and intuition and your heart will reveal to you loves you or does not love you.

Love does not take. Love is selfish and gives, gives, gives. Love ensures the relationship is happy(or atleast does their best to ensure the relationship is loving). Keep in mind it’s not always about being perfect, it’s about your vibes, what you project and send out. It’s more important that you radiate love, as opposed to doing the right thing or pefect thing in a relationship. You don’t always need to do the right answers in a relationship. What’s more important is that the love is there and pure.

Once you find that love, some would call soul mate or twin flame, never let go, because you will know when you found the one. No matter how many times they make a mistake you still have a deep and true love for them. It’s hard to describe. No matter how many times they mess up or ruin things in a relationship you still have this true sense of loving them. It’s a feeling that no matter, you guys are meant to be together. No matter what you or your partner does it’s a bond that calls to your very soul. If you can feel that gentle breeze in the air(or loving prana) then you know you have find your soul mate(or twin flame).

Once more you know who you can trust by how you feel inside your heart. If you can feel it, then trust it. Love should be giving freely without demand or expectation or comparison. This is of course easier to do when you have a partner who is naturally compatible with you.

If you are in a relationship with someone who is not compatible with you then, your house will turn upside down! Because everything will need to be moved around until you and your lover are in sync(or worse you guys will split and separate).

Just because you and your partner does not see eye to eye on everything doesn’t mean you guys need to break up the relationship. Find ways to accomodate for the other. Learn how they express their love. Learn how they communicate themselves. Learn what moves them. Learn what touches their very soul. And by doing this you and your lover will form a bond unlike no other. This will be a divine love a perfect love. The stuff disney shows in their cartoons and movies. Can you really create this? Yes, it sure is possible! Is it easy? Absolutely not, divine love is a very intense relationship. You and your partners are merging on multiple levels. Their will be fights, conflicts, stress, anger, and sometimes you and your partner won’t be able to stand each other. But, if you feel it in your heart the love is pure, then it is worth keeping.

However, if you feel the relationship is too much work, is toxic, and the love is not pure. Then, it’s not worth your time nor energy. Because remember friends your energy is precious. It’s more precious than money or gold. You are exchanging your deepest essence with another person and this requires a level of trust, that most people can’t handle. This is why you many marriages fail, this is why you don’t love in no relationships.

Really get to know your partner and try to see the world from their perspective. Before, making assumption try to see what it is they need-want, what is their vibe, what they are missing. Please do this in a non stressful way, otherways you will only irritate the situation. As long as you do your best, and your positive intentions is there you can never do any harm. But, if your vibe is shady, manipulative, then you will push away your partner. The exception here is if your partner likes that type of energy. To ensure true love always keep in mind what your partner desires from you and you always win and have the best type of relationship. This will be a divine relationship of the GODS. A relationship like a king and queen. Your world and their world will be true paradise!

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