What’s The Point Of The Dating Game For Alpha Males?

Alpha Male Dating Game

Wassup, this is Gerardo Morillo, today we are going to be discussing about being an alpha male and the dating game today.

If you are a man you likely heard of the term “Alpha Male.”

You also most likely do not need me to explain what the term is.

An alpha male is a high-quality man, a man in demand, a man women sought after, a leader in social settings.

So, what is the point of the dating game as an Alpha Male or any man for that rather?

Before I answer this, let’s take a look at some of the headaches and issues concerning the dating game and then I’ll tell you the answer.

For men the whole idea of playing the dating game is time-consuming. But, it’s the whole point of life right? To improve your self and find your mate and live happily ever after.

Yes, that is true. However, there are a lot of headaches to this especially if you are an Alpha Male in today’s world.

Being an alpha male in today’s world is rather awkward. You would probably laugh a bit if you are in alpha male and you know what I am saying.

This whole world is programmed based upon people being boxed into these roles and accepting their roles for XXX amount of $$$.

So you the alpha male are put in a very awkward situation because you defy the whole social structure entirely. If you an alpha male, then, it’s kinda like why are you even there to begin with? Well, we all have to start somewhere and we all need to pay the bills. But, that’s not what I am getting at…

Not to mention the fact, that the dating game can cost you two very important things: Time and Money.

Time is very obvious. You put the effort in the pursuit and then you get into the interaction or not. Or you escalate or not. Or you get further or not.

Money is hilarious. They cost you money no matter what men. You may think you are too good, but, she the dating game is costing you money.

How so?

It cost you money to buy the clothes. It cost you to money to buy a car. It cost you money to buy supplements, vitamins, food.

It cost you money to get a college education. Improving your education levels improves the type of women you get.

When you go to get a bar and buy her a drink. The drink cost you money. Created a response in her to feel good about you because she is getting something for free. Standard dating protocol.

Taking her out to eat. Taking her out for coffee or what not.

The list can go on to infinity.

The whole point is the dating game cost you money, time, and everything else for that matter.

You could make the argumentĀ and say the dating game is why you are even here in the first place.

With all the cost? Logically, speaking, it makes no sense to even play in the first place, correct?

Well, that is a tricky one. That is essentially what MGTOW is about. Men removing themselves from the game and going their own way while removing the stress and headaches from life.

So what’s the answer, Gerardo?

The whole point we as men play the game despite getting sex…

Yes, sex is the obvious PRIZE for playing the game well, and correctly. But, sex, is not the reason you play. Yes, it is A REASON you play, but it’s the MAIN REASON why you play.

The main reason you play is to improve yourself as A MAN. By interacting with women you can develop your “masculine” and manliness. Part of being a man is understanding a women’s’ wants, needs, and desires. By understanding her it helps you understand what you NEED TO BE.

The whole point of the dating game is essentially to develop yourself as a man. Not simply get the sex which most guys think it is. The sex is good. Yes, but the main reason you play is because you want to improve your CHARACTER or your manliness.

Men feel good when they are winning. Men feel good when they are winning in sports. Men feel good when they can bed a women. Men feel good when they can socially outdo others.

Part of “gaming” her correctly is to simply make yourself feel more like a man.

The cost of dating is indeed extremely high. So high many guys are opting out of it. For good reasons. At some point or another, they will come back because nature is such a way where you are always sucked back into the vortex. Essentially, the whole point of playing the game of life from a man’s perspective is TO BE A MAN or BECOME A MAN.

Playing the game helps you discover what that is.

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