Who Makes Your Decisions?

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Who Makes Your Decisions?

It’s hard to make decisions with other people in some way.

Imagine, needing to think about everything before you you even got out your bed.

You would never even make it out your door because there just would be too many things to think about.

This is typically called Social Proof.

Authority, is another law that greatly affects our ability to make decisions.

People like the President, your mom, dad, doctors, lawyers, cops, these are Authority. Anyone in charge to make a decision for us for whatever reason.

It seems like no matter how hard you try it seems we need other people as a reference to help us make a decision otherwise we won’t know if are making the right decision or not.

Once I spoke to one of my buddies about how the world works. And we always go back and fourth on very deep topics.

He is a leader of one the world’s biggest MLM Marketing Companies and sells tons of great self help products.

Each with the purpose of solving people’s problems in any topic of choice.

The topic we got into recently was on human decision making and we do we really make our own decisions.

It was a very interesting conversation.

Once, I was speaking to this spiritual women about how to awaken my kundalini and she told me you must stop resisting and allow the life-force to rise up with you.

She is a highly respectable women and highly influential in the spiritual world.

Me and her were talking the other the other day telepathically.

She said she wanted to be my friend. And before then I said before you enter my kingdom I have 3 questions to ask you first.

Philosophy was one of my subject of mine when I was younger. I use to love thinking about think topics. Topics no one ever dare think about.

One of my favorite writers before was Albert Camus a French philosopher who spoke about absurdity and was known as a existentialist.

Although, the author rejected the label because he said the absurd is life has no meaning, but within the chaos must our own meaning of life.

And that meaning will give help.

Albert Camus, taught me many deep truths of life, but, later I realized I had to disregard them all because most of his truths were not applicable in the world we live in today.

Most of what Albert Camus talks about is very deep but in the context of humans and the human conditions they don’t really help much. It seems no matter how much we try mother nature knows best. That’s the absurdity Albert Camus, talks about.

Do we really have free will? It seems like life is a way where you are forced to choose on certain things or will suffer the wrath of God or the laws of nature.

Maybe, there is no denying the fact that life, nature, or some invisible force is in charge of our lives more so than we care to admit.

We were in out of space when I promoted the questions. She had a very friendly face expression almost that of a mother.

So then I asked her the three questions.

She answered all very well.

It wasn’t the answer I was really interested it was the spirit or the true kindness at heart.

So, I open the gates and let her in.

I welcomed her to my home and introduced her to my Kingdom.

Then we started to trade and I swallowed the energy she gave me and she swallowed mine.

When two high level spiritual people together we exchange life-forces in rainbow colors with each other.

Any more than that would be FORBIDDEN for me to say.

The leader of the rich MLM Company and I came to the conclusion there is no escaping it.

None of us truly know anything and none of us make our own choices.

What absurdity.

So who makes the thinking for us then? God, society, government, friends, family, mom, dad,?

Me and my friend concluded life has some sort of structure intact that you have to respect.

It’s a sort of invisible hierarchy system and the ones at the top of the ladder get to make the most of the decisions.

These are like the presidents, CEO, and the greater leaders in their respective fields.

No matter what it seems like the universe is in charge.

We can try going against it all we want, but, the universe is in charge.

Does that mean it is hopeless?

Not, really, but if you wish to go your own way you will need some advantages or be brave enough to withstand the backlash.

It’s hard going your own way when the universe and the sheeps are going all going the other.

The people in power with the most money make the rules and promote their agendas to the bottom downs.

However, one thing to note is no matter what you choose, even if you make your own decisions.

You will be recreating the structure of something that already exist.

For example, let’s pretend you wanted to make a philosophy club with free thinkers who know how to have a rational conversation on life.

The structure is the same, a gathering of a tribe of people who are deep thinkers, and get together to talk about life.

How is that different than any other club?

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