Why Guys Don’t Want Career Oriented Women

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Nothing can be more unattractive than a women you are in a RELATIONSHIP with to be constantly fighting for power. Career minded women are some of the most domineering and power hungry women on the planet. Now, from a guy perspective that can easily be corrected through the use of POWER and VIOLENCE. She may respond by calling the cops.

This drama is a very common situation in modern homes. When one is trying to OVERLY or COVERTLY manipulate to their favors to ensure their benefits and maximize their gains. It’s way more trickier to be a man in these sort of scenarios. Because, you’re supposed to take the “fall” and let them win, to keep the relationship.

Because afterall a relationship is about a partnership and teamwork, right? Nope, not with a career minded women, she has her priorities on other things like her personal achievements and success.

That’s cool, no problem with that. Right on girl, climb the social ladder. But, don’t complain when guys see this as HIGHLY UNATTRACTIVE. Possibly one of the most unattractive quality is a women who is super powered up and ready to fight you at any second. Doesn’t really make for a healthy relationship to have constantly fight and battle the person you are with.

Women are very manipulative, and do everything to ensure maximum survivability. Very cunning, as they do things to ensure their PROFITABILITY. This much is obvious because each animal is seeking for their own personal benefit and gain after all.

They use the shield of men are too afraid of them as a cover up for THEIR LACK OF REAL ATTRACTIVE QUALITIES. In addition, feminine qualities. People with unattractive qualities, or the market seems not valuable cover their flaws with makeup or excuses. Sometimes the market is right, sometimes they are wrong. And sometimes, the person with the really bad idea tries to cover up their faults with “logical” biases that make sense to them BECAUSE they are missing on some attractive qualities.

Nothing could be taken more personal than the sexual market place, because everyone is trying to understand how to get more, and how to change themselves to be what the market wants. Men and women are constantly in this battle of adapting to the desires of the market.

Another thing you can do is find someone who wants to get that EXPERIENCE you want to create or desire. But, if you idea is terrible, don’t complain the market doesn’t want it. Forcing others to lose for your personal satisfaction is a win-lose situation. No one wants to purposely feel worse about themselves, and forcing others into the pit might be amusing to some, but it’s not amusing to the one in the pit.

People love the easy side, because that’s the easier to be on. Usually the easy side is the winning side. The other¬† side – the one people don’t do is usually way harder.

Anyways, in order to be a relationship with a POWER HUNGRY WOMEN you either A) Be more POWERFUL THAN HER or B) Let her win and just take a softer approach.

But, both A and B doesn’t really feel like winning. Because the idea of being a relationship is a bond or a connection. With a women who is power hungry and selfish, how do you be in a relationship with that?

Naturally, it’s unattractive and gains the desires of no man. They whine and complain like little children, but, the reason is obvious. Power is not a female quality. It is a more masculine(yang).

The concern is – how do I as a women survive in a world and become famous, rich, successful, etc? They begin to adopt masculine qualities as a byproduct to survive. Because, masculine qualities is what helps you rise to higher levels of the social game, and win more at life.

But, if you ask any man, most find masculine qualities in a women unattractive. Why? Because, it’s masculine, duh. It’s very much like well, why not just date another guy. Hey I like a girl who is masculine! Not, much different than just dating another man. But, it’s not all black and white. But, if we want to simplify things – it is black and white.

You are X and I am Y and together we agree on the contract of the relationship.

No man wants a women who is overly manipulating, insecure, selfish, greedy, in a relationship with a women you are dating or “love.”

The question you have to ask yourself is what do you want in a relationship for your partner?

  1. You want someone to be your slave and validate your ego or sense of worth
  2. You want to destroy your barriers you’ve created and help you overcome your own inner demons.

Some people paradoxically, make people go through loops and pits to get into a relationship, with the subconscious desire someone would conquer them and and destroy their childish games. This is great for the movies. In reality, NO ONE HAS TIME FOR GAMES. No one has time for these childish games, pranks, entertainment.

The latter, does not from a healthy expression, usually it comes from sort of unconscious desire of being proven wrong. But, this creates a sort of challenge – no one owes you ANYTHING. They don’t need to play your games or childish desires. No one needs to their being poked at, while you get to play the bitch, and belittle your “partner.” It is a childish form of flirting or tease you could say.

What response does this elicits in a man?


If a women wants to exert power which is one of the HIGHEST FORM of disrespect a man can take in the social jungle to be disrespected by a women and being a slave bossed around by a women.

This will naturally trigger a VIOLENCE response, because this is order of the animal kingdom. Very primal. The fact that I need to explain this is quite sad.

To the ones who need explaining…

A man is a man – a women is a women.

There are two different genders. Now, obviously “hybrids” come a long, but that’s s the rare exception.

In any case, no man wants a relationship with a women who is trying to extract resources, be selfish, be manipulating, etc.etc.

The trade has to be mutually beneficial, so both sides can agree on.

Naturally, people are terrible at trading – because they are VERY SELFISH.

They think in terms of how can I benefit from this transaction while giving the LEAST of my self.

It’s a bad trade, why not just get a better deal.

PS: At the end of the day, people are all trying to manipulate the perception of reality to either A) cover their own B) Get more power C) Resources

PS2: If people want to play in the shadow they will attract the proper response. Which is violence, abuse, trauma, etc.

This is the laws of life, learn to play, or don’t complain.


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