Why Men Are Refusing To Date

Why Men Are Refusing To Date

There has never been a time more than today when dating was more pointless.

There isn’t a whole lot of incentive for men to date women.

The amount of social skills and gaming required to win a maiden’s heart is simply not worth it from a pure objective standpoint.

The biggest question of all is what do men really get from relationships and dating?

Other than maybe a companion and sex there is not a whole lot of rational reasons to invest and commit to a relationships.

Serious thought is required before a men even considers marriage because if the marriage fails the men loses everything: the child, pays child support, money, etc.

Women are not worth the trouble or the drama.

But, we men ourselves in a difficult situation because to resist is to go against our very own biology which is designed to survive, thrive, and reproduce.

We live in a world with massive abundance and while this is good this has created a massive problem when it comes to dating.

Today the standards to date are much higher as there is much more options.

People don’t appreciate the option they do have.

This present multiple problems when the standards is much higher, but the supply is the same.

The demand for a high quality man or women to invest in a long term relationship is much higher and the supply is also much higher.

We have created a situation where it feels a whole like throwing change in a well that will never get filled up.

No one is happy and everyone desires and expects more from their partner.

The simply solution is to lower the expectations of what we expect in others while also appreciating what they do.

With this mindset you can make any relationship with so long as the people involved are committed to making the relationship work.

Let’s go back to the main point, there is plenty of supply(people) which means it is very easy to just hop around from one relationship to the other without any major punishment.

Originally, men are women were discouraged and shamed from separating and breaking up. As, breaking up/divorcing impacted the family and tribe which split people up the tribe and ruin the morale of tribal cohesion. So now there is plenty of options and no reason to stick around which gives this era the proper name “The Hookup Culture”.

Good luck finding a serious relationship today.

People are easily replaceable with no real risk or punishment which means there is no real reason to really commit to any relationship anymore.

As previously stated, many thousands of years ago the tribe would discourage any break up as it would cause inner turmoil with the group.

So has the spark of dating died out? I would say, but there is one good thing we can say that has occur. People average quality has greatly increased because competition has increased.

The same man many thousands of years ago compared today would be laughable and probably wouldn’t do all to well today because he wouldn’t fit in or adapt to the current way of being.

There is no real use for a hunter in today’s modern world.

The only hunting we do today is called working.

No matter the time period survival is number one and one must adapt to the times or one will find themselves getting the short end of the stick.

There is a serious question that needs to be asked for men? And what is the point of a relationship and putting up with the pointless drama of women?

The difficult of getting women has been higher as we evolved more therefore must men will instantly be weeded out because the potential of someone better is always there.

In order to make dating or love work it takes two.

All it takes is one to create a break up.

It requires two who is willing to commit fully and put it all on the line to make the relationship work.

But, to even do this it means you found someone worth investing to.

Why date in today’s world when another option is presented at any moment?

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