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Ignore Beautiful Women - Davinci Neptune

Beautiful women get approached by hundreds of guys on a daily basis.

They are getting free attention and validation from all sorts of directions, so when you as a guy approach a beautiful women you are putting yourself as one of “those guys”.

Ironically, this is also why beautiful women don’t find the type of guy they do like.

Beautiful women value in the dating market is above the average guy, so when a man approaches a beautiful he is doing so from the position of “lower value”.

This also gives beautiful women an ego stroke and it makes them feel superior to the average guy which she treats as a loser, beta male, whatever.

When you as a man ignore beautiful women she will tend to view you differently, because you are not the same as the average guy giving her free attention and free compliments.

She tends to wonder about you and why you are different. How come you are not approaching her?

Some beautiful women, even treat this as a challenge to get your attention and see if they can get you to like them.

And once they win the challenge they throw you under the bus, and discard you.

Because for some it was just a ego test to see if she can get the guy interested or not.

Some are interested and then just simply lose interest which is natural.

When I say ignore them, I don’t simply mean for the sake of ignoring them to be an asshole or mean or hurt their feelings.

It is simply you have other things in your life you are working on and shes not constantly on your mind, nor are you reactionary to her just because she sent a text or you happen to be free.

The overall point is you should not look desperate or needy.

Usually, when a women has you they tend to lose interest because there is no challenge or mystery.

And beautiful women have tons of attention from all over the place, and because of this you have to convey to her you are different in some kind of way.

Because like it or not you are “competing” for her love versus all the other men in her life.

She will then see you as just the average loser with no real value which causes her to lose interest and attraction.

And this is why ignoring beautiful women is a fantastic strategy because she will wonder why you are not validating her.

The objective of a women is to “attract” a man.

And when you ignore her, this will tend to hurt her ego.

She will interpret this as she is not good enough, and so she will work harder to gain your approval.

A women’s ego is based upon her looks and her ability to attract a man.

It is very flattering for women to be approached by men, but you want to avoid being one of “those guys”.

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