Women Think They Are Entitled To A Man’s Money

Women Think They Are Entitled To A Man's Money

We all know in relationships the man is supposed to be a provider and protector.

However, in this modern world women think they should receive money just because of their physical appearance alone.

A man will gladly take care of the woman he likes if HE feels she is WORTH it.

Today, people have it twisted they assume certain things because of the gender role.

But, they forget that, it is an option not a mandatory thing.

One can simply, reverse the question around and ask the girl what is she putting on the table to justify a man spending money on her.

And the answer, will usually be nothing.

Because, there is no reason that a man should have to spend money or do anything for that matter.

If a man spends his money on a woman it’s because he cares about that woman.

Also, men know they have to exchange something for sex, so spending money on her is a way to spark her interest and getting her want to commit to having sex.

Why? Because, she feels like she is getting the good end of the deal.

A lot of women actually take pride in their ability to manipulate men into giving them what they want.

As a man your kind of in a weird situation.

You play into their childish ego and get sex, or you don’t.

Women think we don’t know how this works, but essentially men trade Money for Sex.

Which is quite ironic, because it’s not much different than sex work.

It’s just another way to go about the transaction.

So, how do you as a man beat this game?

You can give them what they want slowly overtime as they “earn” you.

They will be rewarded for good behaviors and pushed away for bad behaviors.

As a man you are here to find a woman who genuinely likes you and wants to be with you or at least behaves good enough.

Then, yes, she can be rewarded.

But, avoid getting suckered into paying for a woman on the whim.

There are situations where it’s okay socially to pay for it.

And then there are situations where you are just being used.

Avoid being used at all cost.

She won’t respect you, and she will just think you of you as a play thing to use for her childish desires.

This won’t increase her attraction for you nor will it get you sex.

Besides, you are better off hiring a sex worker if you are choosing to pay for a woman’s time directly.

It’s the same thing just, another way about getting your needs met.

So, what do men look for in a woman?

Connection, with a woman, a genuine connection.

Yes, the sex is great, but nothing is better than spending time with someone who genuinely likes you and wants to be with you.

Today’s world is full of expectation of what a man should do or be, and live up to all these sorts of unrealistic standards.

All of this creates insecurity in you as a man which ruins your self-esteem and your ability to be a man.

Don’t listen to the noise, and keep going forward until you create your empire.

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