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Want a change? A slow start of habit-making lasts long 

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Want a change? A slow start of habit-making lasts long 

Habits are not formed in a day. It takes time to develop any habit that lasts for good. A slow start is always the best answer. 

Are you thinking of building a new habit? Well, it might seem easy but staying committed to the routine is a big challenge. The ideal way out is to start slowly. Jumping on tough practices at the very beginning will land you up in serious discouragements.   

Now you may ask,

How to begin with?

  • Take small steps: 

Take a very small practice to begin with. Don’t await an external motivation. If you want to make a habit of writing five articles a day, start with one. Aiming to finish all in the first day would be impractical. Give yourself time to get into the tradition.  

  • Take a time period: 

21 days is the time span to form a habit, say researchers. Ready to make a change? Target that 21 days term. Write articles for 21 days and ask yourself “Am I ready to continue with the practice?” If your brain gives a positive reply, then you’ve done it. 

  • Commitment is a must: 

Stay determined to continue the habit making session till the time period you have taken. Break your schedule into segments and gradually increase the number of times. 

  • Keep prompting yourself: 

The first thing that comes into mind before we start something new is what if it doesn’t work out. For the time being, let us keep aside negative thoughts and move on with self-motivation. “Yes, I can.” 

  • Perfection is not necessary: 

Try not to be perfect at the first step. Casual practice at the initial stage will help build confidence. If you seem to go off the track, bring yourself back immediately. There will be a lot of diversions but stay determined to be on the routine.  

  • Have patience: 

Most of the time people hurry up and lose patience. It’s not a wise idea to follow a rigorous schedule from day one. Have patience and feel relaxed. Your new habit should not overburden you.   

  • Focus on the good impacts: 

You should always remember the benefits of your habit. A change for the good reasons will always keep you active and energetic. 

  • A friend is an addition: 

Do you have a friend with a same love for the habit? Well, that person can be your new competitor and a new inspiration too.  

  • Start now:

It’s never too late to start something afresh. Go ahead the moment you decide to make a change.

They say change is the only constant in life. For a better living, it is essential to move ahead with good habits leaving behind the bad ones. A thought of a new beginning may be exciting, but practical implementations are hard. However, the results will benefit your life as well. No one can get an overnight success. You will have to stick to it. A saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race”.  

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