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How To Be More Approachable and Attract The Right Men(for women)

How To Be More Approachable and Attract The Right Men(for women)

What is a woman’s bitch shield?

A shield is a front or a mask that she wears to shield her from the world.

It’s not really who she is.

She secretly hopes that people will get to know her and make her open up.

But, for whatever reason, she is scared and closed off.

Many times when you meet a woman she will have this shield or wall that you have to make her lower down.

We live in the modern world there are so many people you really never know what people are about.

So in order to protect potential threats, they will use this bitch shield because it keeps them safe.

A slight issue with women who uses this defense mechanism is they push away friendly and good people who will respect their boundaries.

And they also attract people who don’t care about their boundaries.

So for example, only aggressive asshole men will approach a woman with a bitch shield.

He sees that as a challenge.

Friendly good people will get the hint that she wants to be left alone because that’s the signal she is giving.

Bitch shield = back away from me.

At least that’s what implied.

Some people may very well crave friendships and relationships.

But they send the wrong signals.

*I talk a lot about this because people mess up the very basics*

So, if a girl wants guys to approach her, she needs to make herself more approachable for men to want to approach.

Sometimes this means less makeup, a friendly smile, signs of interest in the person, etc.

If the girl is not interested she doesn’t need to be open to a conversation but she can still be polite.

And calmly reject the guy’s initiation.

I mean it is a flattering thing for a man to approach a woman, it means he finds her desirable, attractive, etc.

Women complain because the guy they are NOT attracted to approaches them and the men they want to approach them is not approaching them.

If the girl is sending the vibe she doesn’t want to be approached then that is what she will get.

Not many guys are going to pursue a woman who is saying she is not open.

Basically, when the door is closed, most men won’t bother to open it.

If the door is open men will take that as a sign that it’s okay to approach.

Women who find themselves struggling to be approached need to make themselves more APPROACHABLE.

A lot of women think because it’s the man’s role to PURSUE the girl that the man should just figure it out.


Men pursue what they like and or women who are giving positive signs.

So while it’s a man’s role to initiate, it’s a women’s role to give him CLUES that she wants him to INITIATE.

That’s the dating ritual.

Women give clues, and men approach.

Women who give terrible clues, will attract the wrong men or not get attracted at all.

Women who give the right clues, will attract the right men and be more approachable.

Like it or not this is how it works.