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How To Attract The Right People For You(using the law of attraction)

How To Attract The Right People For You(using the law of attraction)

Times can be very stressful.

Sometimes, things happen that are unexpected and they just irritate you.

What if you could meet the right people who could make life easier for you?

What if you could meet the right people who can take your stress away?

What if you could meet people that can bring happiness to your life?

You don’t have to do everything alone or by yourself.

There are plenty of people in the world who will love to support and help you.

But, if you are too afraid to put yourself out there you won’t ever meet them.

Everything is mental.

So, you don’t always need to physically go outside to make yourself available to meet people.

All it takes is getting yourself in the right mindset to allow people to enter your life.

If you look nervous, fearful, shy, etc. people not fully understand you very well, and thus they will just ignore you(usually).

People that are not very approachable convey rather confusing energy.

They are shy, fearful, want to meet people, have anxiety, have depression, are afraid, etc.

The people who meet you have no idea what you are going through INTERNALLY.

All they see is what they see(externally).

They have no idea who you are.

Why they should meet you.

They just know that you don’t look friendly and not interested, and don’t look like you want to have a conversation.

If this is the vibes you display, MOST people will look the other way.

People are not going to take the time to figure you out.

They just make a quick assumption about who you are based on the vibes you project.

But, you have been many different things in one lifetime.

You have struggled and you have risen up from the ashes of defeat.

The thing is like I said earlier people don’t know anything at all about you.

People will just make a quick assumption based on the energy and vibes you have on display.

Basically, your vibes are like a sign or a signal.

Approach or don’t approach.

Friendly not friendly.

Interested not interested.

You can’t blame people for misunderstanding you when you are not sending the RIGHT signals.

So what to do?

If you are rather shy, fearful, nervous, etc. then you have to practice.

Practice in your mind meeting people.

Practice the benefit of meeting new people.

Practice the idea of all the fun you can have of meeting new people.

Practice reducing the ideas that make you afraid or keep you stuck.

It all starts in the mind.

I focus a lot on mindset.

You could just go put it on willpower and spray and pray and hope for the best.

It works, but it is stressful and it is a struggle, it’s like going up a hill.

You can go up the hill but it takes a lot more energy.

Instead, make the mental shift internally.

What types of people do you want to meet?

What types of things do you want to do with new people in your life?

Keep these things in the back of your mind.

Your positive motivations need to be more than your negative motivations.

This applies to everything really.

Want to talk to that cute girl? You have to release the resistance, and just go for it.

Want to talk to that cute guy? You have to make yourself approachable and send the RIGHT SIGNALS.

Men approach women.

Women give signals to the guy they want to be approached by.

That’s how it works.

Does it always work this way? No. Nothing is absolute.

But it is the instincts we have.

Men are instinctually designed to approach, and women are instinctually to know how to be approached.

Most men would need a reason to approach a girl.

She is friendly.

She is interested in him.

She is giving him positive signs she wants to meet and talk to him.

A girl who gives the right signals will attract the right men but also many men.

But isn’t this inauthentic to practice this?

Was is it inauthentic when you learned to drive a car?

Was it inauthentic when you learned how to exercise?

Was it inauthentic when you were reading books that were contradictory to your beliefs?

Point is if you want to make your life easy you have to learn how to make it easy for yourself.

Life like any game has a system and rules in place.

Learning the system will get you more of what you do want.

Not knowing the system will bring you more of what you don’t want.

Anything new needs to be practiced.

How do men get confidence talking to women?

They talk to many women.

They overcome their anxieties.

They develop a positive mindset.

At first, this is highly inauthentic.

You are learning how to interact with women which is different.

Anything at first will take some getting used to.

But relax, you can go as slow or fast as you need to.

There are things that you know are good for you that require discipline in the beginning.

For example, maybe eating a healthy diet is difficult at first.

But, when you discipline yourself it becomes natural.

In the case of meeting the right people, you have to introduce yourself into your mind the idea of meeting the right people.

Slowly if you have to.

You can think of the potential benefits of meeting the right people can you not?

There are plenty of people waiting to meet someone exactly like you.

You will be surprised by how many people will love you and want to meet you when you get in the right mindset.

People are more friendly than our imaginations tend to portray.

It is your mind that plays tricks on you.

Your mind is telling these lies about you and about the world.

You must take back your power and control over your mind.

Your mind has you on a leash as if you are a pet dog.

A true creator is the master of their reality.

So why don’t you make the commitment to yourself and start to put meeting the right people in your mind?

Remember, there are plenty and plenty of people who want to meet someone just LIKE YOU.

If this article or any article here has helped you do me a small favor and post it on any social media platform you use.

My reward from this is making a difference in someone’s life.