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Protect Your World and Eliminate Negative Energy


You know what time it is.

Listen, energy is energy, and anything inside your mind takes space in your mind.

Never allow anyone inside your home, or world, without testing them or giving them permission.

We have had a few setbacks, in our world, due to people invading our energy for their own benefit.

So, instead, we are taking out the trash.

I was told that some thieves and bank robbers were coming inside your home.

Not to worry, we will handle that.

Being safe and protected in your world is important.

Angelic spirits have been recruited to protect your world.

In the old home, I heard walked inside your home with their dirty feet.

Not anymore, evil and negative energy not in alignment with us will be stopped, prevented, and eliminated.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

The fact that you have been wronged in the past is proof of this.

Why waste time on people who don’t really matter anyway?

Your energy is precious no one is allowed to touch it without our consent.

If they have a problem with this, good.

They are the people who didn’t need to get invited anyways.

You don’t have time to be messing around with people’s energy who don’t belong here.

Get yourself some rules as to who you want to trust inside your home.

If they start to behave weird, walk away, or just tell them NO!

This is our reality, and we have the right to live it the way we want to live it.

We cannot just have random witches, thieves, and bank robbers, inside our homes.

What’s yours is yours, what is theirs is theirs.

In other words, this is your reality and you own it.

Why are people coming to your world, and what business do they have?

They either want to:

  1. Trade
  2. Steal
  3. Fight

We have no idea whose foreigners are how can you just let them in your home.

You can’t.

If their vibes don’t resonate with yours, kick them out the door.

What good is dealing with unknown energy from an unknown adventurer?

We are very friendly, but because of our bad experiences, we can’t be too friendly.

You have been tricked, scammed, manipulated, and lied to.

So, we are more than welcome to interact with other friendly entities.

Our safety comes first, especially, because of what happened before.

Your trust and your love have been abused time and time again.


You have to make your world or you won’t have the energy to create.

Depletion of energy makes you weak.

Which leaves you powerless and defenseless.

They can tell you all they want with their tongues.

I don’t care what comes out of their mouths.

If the vibes ain’t right, they ain’t coming inside.

Protect your world, or intruders will come knocking on your door, with smiling faces, only to rob you senseless.

This evil witch really did a number on this world.

It took us a long time before we could recover.

So we have to be more careful than before.

Our love and trust were taken advantage of.

For what reason, I have no clue.

Just to waste our time.

Just be careful and stay protected.

You can never be too sure.

Check the vibes first, if it agrees with yours let them in, if it disagrees with yours reject them.

Reject anyone or anything that doesn’t align with your values(or the world’s value).

So like I said, we are more than happy to meet new friendly travelers.

But, don’t let ugly in your world don’t let negative energy in your home, don’t let poison in your world.

The negative energy will drop your vibrations which means you have to build that energy back up.

Which can take time.

And depending on how bad the negative energy it can be quite a few times.

One time we had this rabbit so we let it inside. Turns out that cute little wasn’t so cute after all.

It was sent as an innocent gesture to lower our guard.

Once we did, all hell broke loose.

And to simplify, it took many months to rebuild this world.

I don’t know about your friends, but I don’t have time to waste.

So who do you mingle with?

Mingle with people you resonate with.

The negative energy that is out of your world slowly drains your world.

And, I know you don’t want that.

We won’t make the same mistake ever again.

One betrayal is enough to put up some damn gates.

It is not your mission to chase people or things.

It is your mission to build this world as you desire, remember that.

Anyone who comes here without our permission will be terminated and dealt with.

We had enough.

This is our world, not their world.

So who do they think they are imposing their ideas into our world.

Oh no! Get outta here with that.

Friend, I rather never be hurt than be hurt and broken down to the lowest vibration.

Climbing out of hell isn’t easy and takes too much time.

Best to be safe, then tricked.

And if we lose an opportunity, no big deal.

We don’t need other travelers anyways.

But, if you do see a good opportunity to mingle with and you can trade with, then, no problem.

All I am saying is this is your world and your world is your #1 priority.

Whatever invader or traveler comes, we don’t even need them.

But, if we can trade happily then, I am all for it.

A good trade is a trade when all parties feel happy with how the trade went.

A bad trade is when one side feels ripped off.

I think that’s all I wanted to say for today.

Go out there and get the energy you need for your world.

And, remember, invaders out, friendly travelers in.