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How To Change Your External Reality

How To Change Your External Reality

If you want to change the external reality you must change the internal of your own reality.

Usually, speaking, our relationship with ourselves is projected onto others.

What we then get is a mix of our projection interacting with their projections.

We are almost never interacting with objective reality in of itself.

Most people are too self-absorbed to ever understand objective reality.

To understand objective reality is to take a back seat to understanding something.

You have to put your own inner opinions on the back of your mind to fully understand objective reality(if it’s even possible).

If you don’t like how people are reacting or responding to you then simply change what you are DOING.

It’s a very simple mathematic equation which is why I cannot believe people cannot understand this concept.

In mathematics there is a certain principle to get a certain answer.

With people it’s the same.

Our subconscious and conscious minds are always interacting.

If you come across as snooty or condescending most people won’t appreciate it and most likely give you a negative respond.

So the question is not why are they reacting this way, but, what is it about me that is causing people to react this way.

Most people look at others at how they are reacting to them as if people are really reacting to them.

They are reacting to what that person is DOING.

When I do something that offends people I take that as a sign.

People who cannot understand these signals either refuse to accept they are making a mistake, choose to deny it, or cannot see it for whatever reason.

When you change your relationship with yourself you will manifest different variations of the people you meet.

People simply do what they do, but, they can always do something different when you take responsibility as a creator.

This means being ADAPATABLE.

Life is simply a mirror and we get in relationships to what we do.

You can have people who are financially successful, but, their loved life is a disaster.

And this is because areas in life are not directly transferable.

You can be a money genius, but, have no idea how to make relationships, because the skills are not the same.

Yes, they are cases where it’s not your fault and you simply did your best. While I do get that it’s your responsibility.

Your life is your responsibility and if you want the “perfect life” then it means you will have to choose who you want to be, how you are going to act, what types of people you want to attract.

The universe gives you what you give.

If you are not of vibration of love you won’t get love.

But, if however you are vibration of financial success then yes you will be financially successful.

But, if you have been traumatized as a child then there are certain blockages you do have.

And, until you fix those blockages you will continue to attract the same types of people and outcomes in your life.

Bottom line: If you want to change the external you have to change your relationship with yourself and the things you manifest will change as well.

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