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What Is Love?

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Everyone must learn to love themselves. Because when you love yourself you are giving yourself everything you need to live the kind of life you want to live which will ensure everything in your life goes as planned. Then, you can attract the people in your life who are best fit for yourself. That is why it is important you first love yourself fully.

Learn to love yourself and all the haters and low vibes will go away. Then you will be a vibrational match to better quality people.

Low vibrations are anything that is not of god’s laws. Anything is not peace, harmony, loving, and is away from God is against God’s plan for the universe. God loves beautiful people with a big heart. God loves a happy giver who gives from the heart.

When one is stingy with the way they gave it breaks God’s heart because it means it is not a place of love. While God accepts how people are in the current time, God is disappointed because when God made the earth he so love the world.

God created the universe with his love and powers that transcend time and space. That is why God loves it when we are vulnerable to each other and giving to each other because when you give freely you are displaying God’s love. The world has given you so much. Love truly is one of the blessings of humanity. What is life if it not be love? This very earth is manifested from God’s essence and his love. God is a perfection expression of divine love the highest form of love you receive.

Anything that is ugly offends God’s. God erases and eliminates ugly cities of suffering and despair. A universe that is ugly is not what God had envisioned when he created the earth. Ugly of course is anything that is not of God’s and his nature. Things like hate, depression, stress, suffering, etc. God sees the world as perfect and beautiful everything is as it should be.

But, God knows things take to progress. Change is never instant. And we have to allow the process to unfold and put our faith in God. Yet, we have to listen deep within our own hearts because his music is there for those who listen to his cries. He is inviting you closer inwards. Listen inside your heart and you shall know him. Do not close off your hearts, because those that closes off will not mind true love and will die off loneliness and suffering. Those who are bitter about life will hate themselves and the world.

I am a part of me as much as you are part of me and together we can mend the wounds of the brokenness of the world. One heart at a time. But this does not mean God accepts low vibes. Because low vibes do not exist in God’s universe. Some people have accepted low vibes in their nature, and while that is their sin. God wishes they return back to the light and stop accepting darkness within their souls. Because in God’s world everything is beautiful, loving, and perfection.

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