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Why Looking At Yourself Is Hard

Why Looking At Yourself Is Hard

Taking an honest look at yourself is definitely one of the most hardest thing to do.

It requires humility to know we can improve ourselves in certain ways.

It’s not very fun to think of yourself as imperfect.

But, ironically, this mindset of being humble and taking an honest look at yourself will make you actualize your potential.

There is no such as thing as perfect but you will constantly be growing and improving yourself.

We as people can easily spot the flaws in others, but spotting them in ourselves not so much.

This is why having a coach, or a therapist, or another person to look at you objectively is helpful.

They can give you constructive feedback as to what you can’t see in your own self.

Consider, that your eyeballs are outwardly and not inwardly, meaning it’s easy to look outside of ourselves than internally.

It doesn’t feel particular good to admit you have flaws or weaknesses of some kind.

But, if you can put your pride on hold for a few seconds those seconds can help you improve in all areas of your life.

All it takes is a few second to review and asking yourself the right question.

In example, what can I improve on?

Am I doing the best I can for myself and others?

What more can I do for my own happiness?

What is that one thing I feel like I am missing in my life?

There is nothing more powerful than asking yourself the right questions.

The right questions is like a compass that will magically direct you the right answers.

I know when I was young saying I am sorry was one of the most difficult thing ever.

Then I as I got older it became the easiest thing ever.

Why? Because, it only takes a few seconds of being uncomfortable to keep the peace under control with yourself and others.

It actually creates more drama, if I were to deny I wronged someone in some type of way.

But, this doesn’t need to be a form of self-abuse.

Be gentle with yourself you are doing the best you can.

It’s simply to dive deep inside yourself and take an honest look as to what can be better.

I know I am not perfect, and I am not proud of the mistakes I’ve made.

I’ve made a few, but, one thing I don’t do is beat myself over them.

Why? Because it just makes matters worse.

What good will holding onto your mistakes do for you?

Instead of beating myself up for mistakes I just look what I can do differently.

This whole process doesn’t feel good but I promise it’s one of the best ways you can improve yourself.

As denying problems will only continue the mistakes.

This is why you can date 100s of different people and run into the same problems.

Because the only person we ever need to change is the person in front of the mirror.

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