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Create the work for the person you love – Davinci Neptune

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Sometimes, in your live it can be difficult finding motivations for your work. One thing to always remember is what your goals are and what are you trying to accomplish. Another really cool special “hack” is to create the work for the person you love the most.

Also, keeping them in your hearts while you create the work for them will amplify the your motivation and productivity for the work you want to create for yourself and the universe.

Sometimes, we struggle to find motivations to create for our projects and when you remind yourself what you are trying to do and why you are doing it will launch you back up when the times are tough. This is especially, powerful if you feel defeated, or if you down in the ground, or simply just lost momentum or even feeling lackluster.

True love is about surrendering to your desires and allowing the process to unfold and unpackage in ways that only the universe(or God) knows best. Things don’t always go perfect, and it’s important to remember not everything will be perfect. Just keep doing your best, because you will arrive to your destination sooner than you think just simply put your faith in God.

God is a loving God and seeks to help you create the life you want, remembering this is critical when working towards creating the life of your dreams. Manifesting the life you desire takes guts, brains, heart, and will may require you give it your 100% best. And everything worth living is worth it because on the other side of your fears, are everything you desire. Whatever keeps you stuck in your comfort zone be it limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, stress, worries, anxieties, hate, bitter,resentment, or anything else for that matter are energies that will block you from actualizing the life you desire.

Everything in life is a process remember that. Remember, when you are manifesting not everything will go smoothly or according to plan and that’s because things NOT only take time, but aligning yourself to your desire is a work. It takes as long as it takes. Yet, remember you don’t have all the time all the world, yet don’t go too slowly either where things don’t wiggle or you give up on yourself.

Yet, also remember to take healthy breaks away from your projects and your goals. Because, if you get too burnt out or if you get exhausted, or if you are feeling tired or lazy, fatigue, etc. Then you WON’T find it in your heart to move forward. Everything will be struggle. Remember the heart is more important than the mind. We feel with our hearts, our brains is there to help us plan, organize, create, manifest, but our heart center is HOW WE FEEL. The heart is your intuition.

You know how we say trust the vibes. Your heart will help you know who you can trust, and who is not worth your time or energy. Remember energy is contagious. Who you choose to exchange your time-energy with can dramatically improve your health, however, if you share your energy with the wrong person they may bind to your energy and zap your dry. These are what is known as energy vampires. Energy vampires are people who take energy, sometimes without permission. Energy vampires are usually very low vibe people, who steal energy from others without their approval or GIVING any energy in return. Life is all about give and receive. If one doesn’t give one doesn’t receive. When one takes too much energy it will create an imbalance in the universe.


If you remember to keep the person you love the most in mind in your projects or goals it will help you to stay motivated even when times get tough. Do it for the person you love and this will make sure you are always positive. This is the power of sexual energy or what is known as sexual transmutation, because, love is ultimately the highest vibration it is also what motivates people to take action. Love is the reason why everyone does everything they do in their life. It is love that keeps you going, it is love what you were intended to do here on this planet. So, go spread and multiply love, let the love your give explode like a bomb that is like a giant nuclear explosion across the universe. Everyone will remember you because you have the most rarest gift of all – the ability to love(which is the highest vibration in existence).

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