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Are You Stuck? Do This To Eliminate Blockages

Are You Stuck? Do This To Eliminate Blockages

Resistance can be mental or emotional.

Let’s say you want a relationship you want LOVE.

But your belief is “I am not good enough”.

Limiting Belief = I am not good enough.

Ask yourself why are you not good enough.

What is making you feel not good enough?

What does good enough even look like?

Do you have to wait until you are perfect to get love?

How do you know you are not good enough?

How do you know other people won’t love who you are?

Do you have any memories of people who loved you and accepted you and loved you unconditionally?


What is reframe?

Reframe is to change the meaning of an event or a memory. Can be the past or present.

You want to challenge this belief that you are not good enough.

Notice how above the limiting belief = I am not good enough is keeping you from attracting love?

But how do you really know you are not good enough?

What does good enough even mean?

Good enough for who?

Limiting belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When you feel good enough internally, you will behave in a way that is more likable.

When you don’t feel good enough you radiate some qualities that are not very likable.

*This is overly simplified, just stick with the example*

If the limiting belief was mental then simply by REFRAMING the belief will change the blockage.


Emotional Block

Emotional blocks can also be changed by reframing logic like above.

Sometimes, you will need to do handle emotional blocks differently though.

Let’s say you want to make friends.

But you feel people won’t like you.

Emotional Block = people won’t like me

Emotional Block Killer

Start talking to people daily just to say hello and exchange friendly simple conversations.

Start talking to people for no reason and with no AGENDA in mind.

If you approach this with an agenda, you are trying to be sneaky.

The idea is here to challenge this emotional block that people won’t like you by collecting experiences that you are likable.

Do you have any memories of the past of people liking you?

Do you have memories of someone who loved you?

Remind yourself of those emotions and that feeling you are unlikable will be challenged which will destroy it.

Emotional block – opposite experience = healing

You either collect new memories to challenge them.

Or, you look into your past and REMIND YOURSELF all the people who did like and love you.

Are you not seeing the people who like you?

Sometimes, people are not noticing it.

Being negative is easier than thinking positively.

We are wired to think negatively and see danger where danger does not exist.

Expressing your emotions is another way to leverage your emotions.



Mental Block

Limiting belief = I am not good enough.

Then ask yourself questions to challenge that belief.

Emotional Block

Dig in your mind memories that contradict that emotion.

Can you remember the opposite of the negative emotion.

Collect new experiences to challenge the emotional block.


Final Comments

Most of our limiting beliefs are illogical.

Even if they are ‘true’.

Believing it reinforces it.

So, you want to choose what you believe.

*note this is not to deny reality it is to form a positive belief. Make improvements as needed. But keep the positive belief.*

You have treasure inside your mind, you have to dig and start remembering the best times of your life.

There are there, but you have pushed them so far away from your mind.

Bring them up again and let yourself feel it.

Appreciate it.

That is your happy memory.

Don’t let anyone take away your happy memory.

No matter what you think you are deserving of everything you want.

No matter what your past was.

No matter what you did yesterday you deserve happiness and love.

You are trying in your own way to meet your needs.

Sometimes, how you go about them might not be the best way, but you are trying.

You can always learn better and do better.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

As long as you are breathing you can still turn your life around.

It is never too late to do what you want.

The only that keeps us stuck is the limiting beliefs we hold in our minds.