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The Problem With Red Pill Women

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The Problem With Red Pill Women

Red Pill Women?

The issue with red-pill women is that they learn this information in a way to still compete with a man’s authority.

This is why red-pill women are almost a contradiction.

Why would red-pill women consciously choose to surrender?

Power is earned.

In order for a man to get a woman’s submission his value must be high enough, and he needs to convince her she can trust him.

So, regardless if a woman understands red pill ideologies she will still challenge you because the dynamic still needs to be established.

You are the man and she is the woman.

So while she might very well understand the red pill ideas well enough to articulate she will still need to see your male energy.

Women date up and men date down that’s how it works.

So regardless if she understands the concepts of the red pill or not she still needs to see you in action.

So now she ‘gets it’ but now she needs you to show it to her.

Naturally feminine women don’t really need to know this stuff, because they are just doing it naturally.

A weird thing happens when both the man and the female are red pill.

They still need to establish the relationship in a certain way both are getting what they want from others as well as respecting the polarity of man to woman.

So instead of being more submissive due to understanding red pill they sometimes get more competitive because now they understand the game.

It is rather awkward to date a woman who is red pill aware because she might be constantly analyzing you and aware of why you are doing certain things.

Which is awkward for both.

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