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The Attack On The Manosphere and The Red Pill Community

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The Red pill

There has been a lot of backlash from people challenging red pill ideologies.

First, let’s make this clear red pill is like a toolbox.

People will choose to do what they want with the information they learn.

Many of these critics of the red pill have probably never even read a book on red pill subjects.

You can choose not to believe in the red pill ideologies which is fine, but you should do your research and test the theories before bashing a whole philosophy about it.

You see friends, they judge what they don’t understand.

If you get a group of 100 people in a room you will immediately see the red pill ideology unfold.

Because the same thing happens every single time.

A hierarchy is created.

No matter where you go this will happen.

The evidence is there, whether they choose to see or believe it is a different story.

Women are all mostly attracted to the same thing.

I encourage you men to form a brotherhood to protect the honor of men’s space.

Weak men, ignorant people, and women have entered the space in attempts to sabotage the movement.

Objective truth should not be stopped.

The red pill is increasing in popularity so people who are new to the idea are challenging without understanding.

It is up to you to defend the honor of the red pill and manosphere.

Failure to do so will be the downfall of men all around the world.

Friends, the ignorant do not care about the truth they want to stay ignorant.

They aim to sabotage our philosophy because it makes them feel inferior and contradicts everything they know.

If, we do not stand up and fight for our VALUES and BELIEFS our next generation is doomed.

This may not seem so dire, but they are trying to censor objective truth because their ego does not like it, or are just ignorant of the truth.

But facts don’t care about people’s feelings.

The truth is the truth no matter who gets offended.

If we don’t stand up and defend our beliefs then we will also continue to perpetuate the same ignorance to be told.

Which leads to the demise of healthy relationships for both men and women.

Ignorant people don’t care about the truth they care about their feelings not being hurt.

But the only way to further improve as a society is to speak words of wisdom even if they are uncomfortable.

Pick up your swords and shields and destroy the sinners who aim to halt our movement.