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The Good Girl Gets The Ring!

The Good Girl Gets The Ring!

It’s easy to be heartbroken and give up on life.

That’s what a lot of women who have given up on being good are doing.

They have given up on that part of themselves because that’s a subtle way of admitting defeat.

When you fall down, you don’t stay down, you get right back up again, and again.

However much it takes.

Everyone has been heartbroken at one point or another this is part of life.

Negative experiences will happen but it is how we react to the negative situation that is important.

I have been crushed plenty of times in my life, but it just fueled my motivation to keep on improving.

Yes, there were plenty of bitter moments as well, if I am being honest.

So if you feel defeated or devastated know you are not alone.

Plenty of people especially today, are so afraid to open up today because we have so many issues as a species today.

The real high winners learn how to adapt and win no matter what the society is.

That’s what makes you a ‘real alpha’ your ability to win and overcome the obstacles that arise.

Will the pain hurt? Absolutely!

But let that be part of your victory story!

The women who have been crushed by life are teaching women how to be manipulative and exploit men out of bitterness.

That’s not love, and will never be love.

That’s just a waste of time for everyone to evolve and hurts the karma of the universe.

For example, a man who cheats on a good woman may leave her heartbroken which then ‘convinces’ her not to be good anymore.

She then tells everyone around her what happened, and now more and more people don’t want to be ‘good’.

Notice how this works?

It spreads like a virus.

That’s why you have to be careful with this stuff.

Men get attracted to women’s beauty but stay because of their personalities.

A woman with a heart of gold can get any man she desires.

Don’t let people tell you otherwise!

People who tell you, need to be cruel or use ‘dark psychology’ usually don’t got their hearts-mind in the right place.

Psychology is not subjected to any color; it’s neither white nor black.

It’s on the integrity of the user to use psychology in a fair and just way.

Both males and females currently hate the dating world right now.

Females complain men are not as masculine anymore.

Men complain women are not as feminine anymore.

And you know something, both are right.

And it doesn’t matter.

When you own your life, you take full responsibility for both the good and the bad that happens.

There is a major lack of accountability in today’s world.

You can cover your flaws in all kinds of ways but at some point, all will be revealed.

So why not just accept who you are and own who you are right now?

No need to be fake, plenty of people will love the REAL YOU.

Assuming you still know what is.

I know today people are bitter about human relationships, but I can tell you with the utmost confidence real love and good human character(virtues) will never go out of style.

You just have to be careful with who you spend your time and with who you share your love.

We live in strange times but never no matter the time we live in HIGH VIBRATIONAL PEOPLE will RISE.

I know opening your heart can be scary and terrifying but that’s because of your past experiences.

The more you guard your heart the more you build walls around people who try to love you and block them out from coming inside which further pushes love away.

Keeping you cold and your walls tight.

The trick is to learn who you can open up to. The people who truly value you deserve you at your best, and this means stop denying the good people in your life the joy inside you.

People can try to deny it but everyone secretly wants love.

There is nothing to be ashamed of.

One of the primary reasons people do anything is to get love.

Men chase status for love.

Women chase men for love.

What makes a man pursue a woman is her beauty(both the inner and outer).

Ask any man about the modern women, and they will tell you how obnoxious they are.

The real beautiful women today are those with virtues who hold onto their goodness regardless of society.

God hates ugly, and god loves all the beautiful people in the world.

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