How to get rid of takers mentality(+vibe)

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How to get of taking vibe? People who are desperate they seek for victims to feed on their positive vibes. In spirituality we call them energy vampires. These are people who suck the energy of high positive energy men. When these find a willing host to prey on they go in their energy field and suck them dry of their precious life force without conscent or approval. Which is a criminal offense. They should be murder and slaughtered for messing with other people’s energy without permission(this is the equivalent to rape).

To rid of taking the energy vibe simply stop leading with your wants and needs. People who radiate taking vibes they tend to have this weird energy about them. It’s a type of energy that suggest I am only interested in what I am interested in, want, or need. This mean they really only want to hear what they are interested in. And if you tell them anything outside of their interest, then they don’t want to hear it or listen to it.

So if you are suffering from this bad vibe…What do you about it? Simply, stop LEADING with your selfish wants and needs. Sometimes, it’s best just to not have any want or need at all. When you lead with your desires with consideration for what other people, you signal to them you are not a nice person or not trust worthy, because you are only interested in yourself. Which is a very unattractive quality. You can be interested in yourself, but, if you show other people you are not willing to give them what they want then you are sending the wrong signals.

These signals, will then, turn off the people around you.

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