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How To Quickly Manifest Anything in 8 Easy Steps

How To Quickly Manifest Anything in 8 Easy Steps

In this, article we will discuss How to Quickly Manifest Anything in 8 Easy Steps. The Law of Attraction can be made simple with the right strategies and foundations in mind. If you want to learn how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest, money, better relationships, happiness, dream job, and or anything else this article is for you. When you apply some of the strategies here manifesting with The Law of Attraction will be as easy eating a piece of cake. You will get all the good stuff with very minimum efforts. 

Set A Goal

Whatever is you want to attract into your life you have to be very honest with yourself. This becomes tricky becomes we have a large list of desires and of top of this our desires may shift from one minute to the next.

Your subconscious mind needs a primary intent, goal, and or a mission. It works easier when you pick one PRIMARY GOAL that you channel your time and energy towards. Although that can be challenging because we have an infinite amount of desires running inside our mind-body system.

Pick one Primary Goal which you fully commit on a daily basis to FOCUS your mind in that direction. If wanted to go a destination you would need to know the coordinates or end destination of where you wanted to go. 

You get on your car and you drive aimlessly without knowing your goal. 

What do you want?

To make this more efficient pick one goal and channel all your energy and time towards that one goal.

For example:

  • I want A Millionaire Dollar Business
  • I want A Dream Man/ Dream Girl
  • I want A Dream House/Dream Car/ETC
  • I want To Be Happy

The brain is very powerful yet it has several limitations. For one, the brain is a system of economics which means it uses energy to manifest. Scientist has noted even thinking burns calories. The brain is the most resource intensive of the human mind and you must one PRIMARY GOAL you wish to focus your energy on in order to properly manifest.

Choosing everything is a recipe for disaster because you are forcing your brain to consume more energy and forcing your mind in multiple directions all at once. The best strategy is to pick one PRIMARY GOAL and then stick at it until the answer of your prayers is manifest into your life.


The subconscious tends to produce changes depending on thought-emotional states. Practice the art of being grateful and bless all the things that does occur in our life. Sometimes, in our life we tend to overlook all the small stuff that the universe(or God) has given done for us and we must practice appreciating the small things. Gratitude will thus increase your ability to manifest because you manifest better when you are in higher vibration states( IE: Happy, Excited, Enthusiasm, etc.)

What are some of the small things in your life you can start to be grateful for? Every day think of those things because the little thing adds up. It is easy very easy to find ourselves in a negative loop where everything is dark and hopeless. Yet, by taking the down to slowly appreciate some of the some things you can begin renew your mind ways astound even you.


The subconscious mind attracts into your reality that which you believe is true about yourself and the universe. When we speak about your beliefs we mean the things you really mean BELIEVE underneath our conscious understandings. We have a conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious stores all of your history and then you formed beliefs about yourself which are known as DOMINANT BELIEFS and if you had a negative childhood it will make you continue to attract more of the negative things in your life.

You must begin to change the way you think about yourself and the beliefs of yourself and the universe. Then you will create a set of beliefs that will help you attract more of the things you do want in your life. 

Believe is also a verb which means you must take a proactive action in your mind to believe what you think is true and it will become true. Your thoughts you think of today will be stored into your subconscious mind and then become a Belief.


Visualizing is by far on the greatest strategies for using the Law of Attraction to help you manifest any desire you would like. Remember the old saying “A picture is worth 1000 words,” is very true. Imagination is very powerful probably one of the most powerful tool for manifesting lies in the secret of visualizing. You must visualize the desires you want.

And, I’ll be honest I have many strategies for visualizing which I won’t cover in this article. Sorry, guys, I’ll share with you them later, I promise 🙂 Anyways, in order to visualize imagine a goal of something you desire and rejoice actively partake in it and FEEL the reality of it as if it was real. This will skyrocket your vibration and pull you closer towards your dreams. 

Affirm It

Thy Shall Decree. Anything you want in your life you must choose to that which you say it. A habit to make is either start practicing how to pray or use Affirmations in the morning or night time.

For example:

  • “I Am Strong”
  • “I Improve My Skills Daily”
  • “I Easily Increase My Bank Account”
  • “I Easily Make Friends”
  • “People Love Me”

Find the affirmations that fit your own needs and goals and the reaffirm it on a daily basis. It will help you form beliefs about yourself as well as practice speaking ways in a more positive manner. Affirmations are excellent for helping you reorganize your mind. 

Stay Positive

In order for the Law of Attraction to work you must get out of low vibration states that slow your ability to manifest. 

For Example: Victim, Fear, Agony, Sorrow, Grief, Bitterness, Lonely, many of these negative states will ruin your flow and momentum and ruin your ability to manifest. Practice staying positive in your thought-life because everything you say is stored into your mind. And God ultimately, answers all your commands. The good or bad, so be careful with the thoughts you hold in your mind.

Take Action

At some point you have done all the necessary thinking required to take action. If you have practiced was successful taking action towards the goal you desire will be easy because you will feel motivated to move towards that goal. One trick here is to make sure you know your WHYs you are taking action. What are some of the benefits of taking these actions. Keep those in mind.

The mind is always calculating the cost-benefit of taking action or not to take action. And you must get to a place where the reward is a big incentive for you to take action. If the cost is too high and the reward is too little you will experience hesitation or a delay in action. Boost up the rewards in your mind.


The goal you desire requires consistent action on your behalf to achieve the goal. Consider what are some of the things you must let go to achieve the dreams you desire. Everything has a cost and you must be willing to let go of bad habits that do not serve your highest good. Then, you will also need to add habits into your life that will lead you to the answer of your prayers. Whether that is a six figure business, or the idea love, the dream car, or the dream job, etc. 

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Gerardo Morillo is a popular Awaken Spiritual Teacher/Master Hypnotist/Law of Attraction Expert / and he has been teaching, learning, and creating hypnosis, self-development, personal improvement, and now he is back with the best life hacks that can help people to improve their life.

PS: Merry  Christmas and may the universe help you manifest all your wishes start now and forever. I hope Santa Surprises you with many unexpected gifts!


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