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How To Stop Feeling Like Crap

How To Stop Feeling Like Crap


❌I hate feeling positive
❌Thinking positive is so overrated and cliche
❌Why does everyone think positively? That’s so normal…
❌There is nothing good in life
❌Everything is a waste of time
❌Too much effort
❌Too much work
❌Too hard
❌People are annoying
❌I hate being alive
❌I am disappointed in all my failed relationships
❌Nothing ever works out for me
❌Nothing I ever do ever works
❌People don’t like me for who I really am
❌Nobody really loves me



✔️Focus on your blessings

✔️Focus on what you have that is going well

✔️Focus on your next move

✔️Are those negative thoughts true? Why or why not?

✔️Have mental arguments with those thoughts to get rid of them
-form counter statements that logically defuse the thought which will melt the negative emotion attached to it

✔️Practice Stillness of Mind
-stare at a wall(if you need to)

✔️Keep Yourself so busy you don’t have time to think negatively


The way to stop letting feeling crap is to stop giving yourself PERMISSION to feel like crap.


You can choose to entertain those thoughts in your mind or not.

You are the one who is giving those thoughts power.

You have thousands of thoughts daily, but you are the one who chooses which to focus on.

It is very much like surfing with the wave, you don’t control the water you just control the direction you are going.

Choose today, to STOP, letting yourself entertain those negative thoughts.

It’s going to take practice.

I know it’s hard but each day you do this will get a little easier to a point where your mind is so clear all you feel is peace of mind.

When I first started I practiced staring at a wall while the hundreds of thoughts were swirling in my mind.

I chose to discipline my mind and focus and stop giving power to the thoughts that were swirling in my mind.

Later, I eventually started to meditate which improves your ability to still your mind.

If you want to stop feeling like crap you are going to have to choose right now you want to stop feeling like crap.

Right now you may be reacting to every thought and emotion that is popping up.

Practice detaching from them.

Let them go by like clouds in your mind.

Make no mistake this is very challenging to do and even more so difficult depending on where you are at.

But, once more, you have the POWER to freely CHOOSE which thoughts you focus on.

Practice being more SELECTIVE with which thoughts you choose to focus on.

Little by little it will improve, and you will gradually notice fewer thoughts and anxiety swirling around.

It’s very easy for me to sit and tell you to stop thinking the negative thoughts entirely.

But, sometimes you just can’t.

So do this, each day practice focusing only on the thoughts that are beneficial for you, and IGNORE the ones that can affect your well-being.

Start with whatever you are comfortable with, then stop, then resume again when you are ready to discipline your mind again.

Eventually, you will get to a point when your mind is as clear as water.

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My reward from this is making a difference in someone’s life.