Is Love Really The Answer?

Is Love Really The Answer - Davinci Neptune

Ultimately, love is really at the essence of who you are.

In our society we are so removed from our soul being.

Everything is like junk food.

We worship the fast lifestyle and anything that is real and meaningful is not appreciated.

This isn’t to say my dear reader that love is the only thing that exist.

Everything in our world is manifested as love in a different shade of it.

Everyone desires love and how they seek it is the way they are choosing to go about it.

We have no choice but to accept it for what it is.

Even though on a big picture level we can conceptualize this idea, it is definitely difficult to live by in our world.

Perhaps, everything is as intended. Maybe nature has a purpose for why things are the way they are currently.

It could be a small transition to the next phase.

If everyone was able to tap into their soul they would realize love is all there is.

How it is manifested will look in all different types of ways.

You can think of it as this is how the universe discover itself by manifesting different types of consciousness and learns what is right or wrong.

Personally, there are things I hate to see in the universe because of how it affects the very nature of reality. We can all agree that there is ‘toxic’ and ‘healthy’ and there is a lot of grey in between. For example, teenagers in high school who are still learning in life are they wrong for their behaviors? Not quite, because they are acting their age. They are behaving which is normal in their development. People who are older they can definitely see a lot wrongs in them, but this is all perspectives. Even those “grown ups” did wild and crazy things in their youths. To judge a child is a bit senseless.

Everyone is really going through their journey and discover what is this life. Does that mean we should allow for negatives? Does that mean we should turn to other cheek when abused?

No and No!

What we can do is promote a better way of being to encourage a better way of being.

Part of being enlightened is that everything is going according to divine plan. Nothing needs to be understood on a high conscious level. If you simply partake in the game daily you will be doing everything you need to be on your side.

It is rather difficult to be the source of light in a world full of darkness. Everywhere you go there is ugly in the spirits of people. You can these their vices or cons. Everyone has them, it is normal, expected, and it is makes us humans.

Even in cartoon shows they always make all their characters have some sort of negative as to make them more realistic and relatable.

There is no such as thing perfection. Perfection is an illusion that does not exist. There is however contentment in ones’ development.

Yes, indeed! One can be proud in ones’ growth.

We don’t have to get along with everyone we can simply do our best to nourish and give the type of support we are able to give.

Everyone has a unique role in life, and not everyone is going to be playing the same role. And, that’s okay because that’s what makes us different.

God makes no mistakes(arguably). God has created everything with a sort of divine purpose. Everyone has a gift they will fulfill in one way or the other. That you can put your money on!

I would like to end this, by saying, while it is rather difficult in today’s world to be the light. And by no means are you expected to play as Jesus Christ, do your best to be the light in your own unique way. Because that’s all you can do. That’s all you came to do.

If the enemy has taken over you feel free to take a break and take refuge for a while. There is no shame in recovering. Play it smart and come back once you are fully ready.

Be the change you desire in the world and like magnets you will draw to yourself a network of like minded people. Do not let your heart be defeated by your yesterdays or you will never keep pushing forward.

Be the light in a world of darkness.

On the end of the spectrum, some would argue even the darkness is playing a role in the game of life.

What role is that? I suppose to give the contrast. But, at the end darkness will turn to light.

Tip: Adapt to every situation and to all people. Not everyone deserves your kindness and some people you have to be on guard. Some people have evil in their hearts and you must keep your distance.

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