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When Will You Get There?

It is very common for people in the beginning stages to hurry up and try to force things happen. People are so desperate for success they rush. They push the very thing they desire away. With infinite patience comes instant results. If you are so much in a hurry you will be creating unnecessary stress and anxieties for yourself. Often times people want to impress their friends and family and they want success right away. But, consider slowing down and give your friends and family the middle finger. They won’t be their at your death bed. And when you finally… Read More »When Will You Get There?
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They Will Do Anything You Desire!

Most people lead in with their needs, wants, and desires. But, consider this is the strategy everyone is doing in their lives while talking to other people. This may work well with people who you have deep rapport with, but with strangers not so much. When you take the time to get to know what THEY want, and not ASSUME you already know what they want then creating deep and meaningful relationships will be a piece of cake. This requires you avoid rushing the process or assuming you already have the answer. As not only is this rude, but, you… Read More »They Will Do Anything You Desire!