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How To Cure Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is caused by seeing something outside yourself as different than yourself. It is also created by constant competition and constantly comparing yourself to other people. To eliminate separation anxiety, you have to stop looking at other people as being different, better, threat, etc. When you are constantly comparing yourself to others you are creating a separation with that which is out there and outside of yourself. Once you realize, we are all one all going through this journey called life you realize how you and the other person have more things in common. We as a human species… Read More »How To Cure Separation Anxiety
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Make It Easy

Some people like to make their lives difficult. Everything has to be complex or perfect in every single way. But, human nature, is very simple, and far more simpler than most people would imagine. It very rarely has to do with the details, or the content. It is more about the structure. Most people look at what is being said, as opposed to underlying vibes and energy in the context. When people are vibing it’s because they are clicking or in sync. When a husband and wife are arguing normally it’s because one or the other are not seeing reality… Read More »Make It Easy